Great office design creates the optimum environment for every type of work (and worker) within your business and simultaneously enhances their health, happiness and motivation. Our team of workspace experts reveal the hottest design tricks to boost employee productivity in 2019.

The structure and aesthetic of the workplace requires innovative thinking to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of employees. Different eras have produced alternative design approaches for fuelling productivity among staff. The ‘80s saw workspaces power-dressed to the max, the ‘90s brought in cubicle minimalism and the noughties was the decade of slides, games and bowling alleys.
In 2019, coworking spaces and serviced offices are finely tuned to deliver the perfect working environment. They blend design features from previous decades with plenty of new ideas to spark creativity, inspire innovation and enhance collaboration among members. They’ve become havens of productivity for everyone from the hard-working freelancer to some of the world’s largest businesses.
Here we explore the latest design trends that have attracted more than 1.3 million people to coworking offices and shared workspaces worldwide.

Experience-driven breakout zones

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Experience-driven workspaces consist of atypical features such as meditation spaces, yoga studios, rooftop terraces, massage rooms, games areas and lounges. Features like these create a casual and relaxed environment that is more conducive to conversation, communication and creativity. Far from fuelling distraction, this office design trend tells employees that they’re welcome to bring their true selves to work – the concept that hundreds of coworking spaces harness today – and that they are trusted to be productive even without the confines of a cubicle. Like many design trends in 2019, this working style is inspired by the millennial generation’s preference for interactive spaces and surprising design.

Dynamic space structure

Dynamic areas help traditional offices keep up with the constant fluctuations and differing requirements throughout the working day. Dynamic workspaces can help minimise build costs, maximise space efficiency of small offices and keep businesses adaptable to advances in technology. By switching up the monotonous office layout, you can give staff an environment that is always fresh and interesting – which has an incredible effect on idea generation, productivity and mindset.
Every workspace can be more dynamic and it only takes a few simple additions. Consider lightweight and easily moveable furniture such as stools, futons and crates. Install wall dividers to break up formal meeting rooms into more usable spaces. Add more powerpoints and use whiteboards on wheels so people can utilise all of the space within the office.

Biophilic features

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The term ‘biophilia’ refers to “the love of life or living systems” and the innate human need to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. The influence of biophilic design has seen many businesses incorporate greenery into their workspace, whether it’s live walls, terrariums, waterfalls, landscaped gardens or indoor plants.
A recent study found that people surrounded by nature or that work in a natural environment feel calm, creative, happier and healthier. A recent report by Human Spaces recorded an increase of eight per cent in productivity and 13 per cent in wellbeing from those working in offices with natural elements, proving the importance the biophilic trend will have in years to come.
However, we expect to see designers and architects dive deeper into the biophilic philosophy in 2019 by using natural elements and materials in the architectural framework and then developing the style of the workspace around it.

Closing the door on open plan

While most office design trends of 2019 aim to encourage collaboration and social interaction between peers, it’s important to remember that many professionals work autonomously and prefer peace and quiet at their desk. This was seen in 2018 as many businesses closed the door on open plan – a recent Office Hub report found that 70 per cent of Australian businesses moving to a shared workspace in 2018 chose a private office over a coworking desk.
While the commotion in your own office may not be at the same level as a coworking space, it’s worth considering ways you can minimise disruption. Morgan Lovell suggests using your design, fitout and furniture choices to keep noise from travelling through the office. Glass partitions create a noise barrier without restricting light while furniture with noise-absorbing fabric can be a huge help.

Homestyle detail

Adding the personal touches of home makes employees feel more comfortable and committed at work in the same way as experience-driven work areas. Whether it’s fireplaces and TVs, snacks and beer fridges or simply softer lighting and comfier sofas, a few homey additions can make improve your team’s approach to work.
Homestyle characteristics are already the DNA of the world’s most cutting-edge coworking spaces – in 2019, it will translate more to conventional office design. The most effective workspaces are as unique, special and comfortable as home.

Ergonomic and wellbeing-influenced design

Never before has the concept of wellbeing been as prevalent in day-to-day life as it is today and it has come to dominate the design priorities of every progressive office, school and home. Enhancing employees’ wellbeing – both physical and mental – is at the forefront of business owners’ minds in order to increase moral, reduce sick days and inspire infectious productivity within the workspace.
Sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs are no longer considered a luxury but rather a necessity. Outdoor areas, paths for walking meetings and healthy snacks are commonplace ways to encourage healthy lifestyles. End of trip facilities such as bicycle racks and showers empower employees to cycle, walk or jog to work and we expect these to continue to be some of the most in-demand requirements for our clients in 2019
But the wellbeing trend incorporates every trend listed above, and more!
The perfect office design isn’t easy to achieve, but these tips will help you create a healthier and happier workspace for your team.
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