It's hard to believe that what's now considered the most wealthy district in Johannesburg once comprised agricultural farmland.

The sophisticated Northern Johannesburg suburb has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The city's most prestigious zip code is now home to assorted skyscrapers, extravagant malls, top investment bankers and a whole lot more.

If you're thinking of relocating your business to this affluent side of town, then call off the search - we've compiled our five best coworking spaces and serviced offices for any business.


Small businesses looking to settle in Sandton won’t be disappointed by this offering. 

The Business Exchange assists early startups and small businesses with finding their feet in a smart working environment. 

Tap into your productive self in dedicated work areas designed for ingenuity and hard work, surrounded by like-minded companies.

Make use of the meeting rooms available for hire, and don’t miss your chance to mingle with other professionals, forging friendships or professional relationships to advance your business development or make your office days uplifting.  

You’ll never feel trapped in this workspace because it enjoys an abundance of sunshine and space, providing a positive work, inspiring and upbeat atmosphere.

At the same time, if you prefer a classic workspace over an overtly vibrant and colourful shared office, then you’ve come to the right place. This office is designed professionally, with hints of greenery and interesting artwork found throughout.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: ZAR 460 per week
  • Private offices from: ZAR 1,841 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 12 minute walk to rail.

WeWork has outdone itself at this extremely upscale office location.

Whether you're starting out or own a successful company, you'll want a work hub that reflects who you are and helps you grow, which is exactly what WeWork Sandton provides.  

From hot-desking solutions in bright and vibrant co-working areas to large and spacious private suites and entire floors dedicated to large teams, the establishment offers a broad spectrum of office spaces that are comfortable and attractive. 

It doesn't matter the membership you have; you can enjoy incredible benefits that you wouldn't ordinarily receive at a traditional office or home. These include art-filled lounges to meet guests, unlimited supplies of high-quality teas and coffee, and access to a rooftop terrace where the views may astound you.

What's unique about this work space is that it's both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Although designed for hard work, employees won't mind hanging out in the workspace for long hours because the office is bright, airy, beautifully designed and well-equipped.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: ZAR 722 per week
  • Private offices from: ZAR 1,160 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 5 minute walk to rail.

If you’re worried that working from home is beginning to take its toll on your employees, it could be time to plan your safe return to the office. 

These private offices in Parkmore are designed around safety and practicality, complete with luxury furnishings that’ll keep your workers happy, satisfied and overjoyed to be together again in a socially distanced manner. 

Your team will enjoy working here because of the endless seating arrangements from which to knuckle down and work, collaborate with teammates, or recharge with work friends. Optimise your productivity by utilising these areas, especially when procrastination or mental blocks hit.  

Maintain your business goals and boost the morale of your workers in an uplifting office space that allows people to work harmoniously and unlock their full potential during good and trying times.



Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: ZAR 529 per week
  • Private offices from: ZAR 667 per week
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Great location - 4 minute walk to bus.

Offering a covetable address in the heart of Sandton, these serviced offices are favoured by professionals on their way to the top.

Future Space offers contemporary office spaces for small and large companies set up for efficiency. Equipped with great tech and valuable amenities, staff members have everything they could need to work productively and achieve goals.

The five-star business lounge, filled with designer furniture and boasting a beckoning ambience, is the office showpiece that you’ll want to spend time in and show off to your associates. 

For professionals who host and entertain often, there are multiple meeting spaces and conferences rooms that can be rented out affordably with optional catering. 


Price Guide

  • Private offices from: ZAR 1,036 per week
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Great location - 9 minute walk to bus, 11 minute walk to rail.

The Cube, Morningside, is part of The Cube coworking community where like-minded souls from different industries congregate under the same roof. This working ecosystem houses all professional types that harmoniously work together, from wandering nomads and local freelancers to startups and enterprises. 

What makes this workspace unique is that it offers more than just attractive workspaces, but also provides additional services that could help you run your business like a well-oiled machine, including receptionist assistance and IT support.

The addition of chill areas and outside space give workers a place to escape on those days when everything goes wrong. At the same time, the installation of professional conference rooms caters for every business function imaginable to enhance your professional image.


Price Guide

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    Great location - 2 minute walk to bus.

    With its versatile selection of office space solutions, this prestigious Sandton business address will get you excited about working again if you’ve been holed up in your home office, thanks to the pandemic.

    Filled with bright and brilliant minds, every day at the office will be inspiring, exciting and thought-provoking. 

    As a solo entrepreneur working for yourself doesn’t mean working by yourself; enjoy the social atmosphere where networking opportunities, chatting and collaboration present themselves daily.

     If you’re a small team looking to expose yourself to new people and fresh perspectives but also need privacy to concentrate, private offices set up at this location will satisfy these needs and help you grow your business.


    Price Guide

    • Dedicated desks from: ZAR 388 per week
    • Private offices from: ZAR 691 per week
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    Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 13 minute walk to rail.

    Ask locals to describe this luxury business location, and the term “larney” might spring to mind.

    Situated in the heart of Sandton along Africa’s richest golden mile, being set up in the area endows business with a prominent corporate image that will instil confidence in the hearts of your clients and employees. 

    What tenants love about the flex space is that it’s endlessly spacious and brightly lit, allowing people to spread out as they work while basking in the sunny ambience. 

    Other standout features include spectacular collaborative areas where you can meet up with colleagues over coffee or work away from your desk, the kitted-out conference rooms for significant events and smaller, informal meeting spaces for brainstorming and strategising sessions to activate creative thinking.  


    Price Guide

    • Dedicated desks from: ZAR 483 per week
    • Private offices from: ZAR 783 per week
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    Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 8 minute walk to rail.

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