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Thanks to its prospering economy, excellent working conditions and provisions of high wages, Singapore is a globally recognized business hub.

There's a "but" though, and that's expensive office renting. The Lion City - as Singapore's affectionately called - is ranked among the world's most dear for leasing commercial property.

Fortunately, the dream of adding a prestigious work address in this iconic South-East Asian city can still be yours with a virtual office in Singapore.

We rounded up our best virtual office arrangement in Singapore that won't stretch the budget. Not only will these premium office plans put your business on the map, but they include a desirable array of benefits for your company.

From your work-from-home office space, The Executive Centre Singapore Pte Ltd provides a better way of doing business to companies that work remotely.

Having a virtual office at The Gateway West, a highly reputable Singapore landmark, is your ticket to becoming a high-ranking company even if you're not in the office every day.

You'll gain your clients' approval by registering your business at this renowned address without breaking the bank.

Virtual office members will enjoy benefits like mail and call handling, voicemail access, office support, invitations to networking events and more.

Chic office suites with ergonomic furniture and comprehensive meeting facilities are bookable for meeting clients or escaping your home office occasionally.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: SGD 18 per week
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Great location - 4 minute walk to bus.

Where you decide to base your virtual business is the key to your success. Ultimately, setting up your remote company in Singapore’s financial district will help you build your business and acquire clients more efficiently.

These stunning serviced offices provide second-to-none business networking with major financial institutions and multinational corporations stationed nearby.

Elevate your image in a desirable hub without paying the high prices of traditional offices.

Several perks are incorporated into a virtual office package. These include a prominent work address and a broad spectrum of business services and support that ensure you never miss a phone call or mail delivery again.

A stunning services office and superbly equipped meeting room are a class above cafes for meeting clients and getting work done when a change of scenery is required.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: SGD 28 per week
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Great location - 9 minute walk to bus.

Effortlessly run a Singapore-based company while removing the big renting costs.

Business boosting and cost-saving features are incorporated into this attractive virtual office package.

From the comfort of your home, you’ll receive incredible reception and concierge services that remove some of the inconveniences of managing a company on your own. Their highly trained, multilingual staff are happy to take or forward your calls, resolve communication anxieties with non-English speaking associates and tackle your business admin if you don't have the time.

You can rent sleek and fully furnished offices with incredible city views when the need for a professional workspace in a premium CBD location arises.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: SGD 76 per week
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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 3 minute walk to rail.

Park Avenue Serviced Office offers impressive virtual offices packages to work-from-home business owners.

Their experienced staff, unrivalled business location and unbeatable services provide new startups with the tools, support, opportunities and connections to make their mark in a competitive business world.

Mail distribution, personalized call handling and access to well-equipped meeting rooms are some of the perks of your flexible virtual office package.

Trade your home office for an inspirational, city-based office space when you need a welcoming change of scenery. When visiting the business centre, look forward to sophisticated office spaces, impressive amenities, atmospheric meeting spaces and light and bright communal areas. Its fringe location means commuting home features minimal traffic while travelling to the city is quick, convenient and easy.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: SGD 19 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus.

Started in 2018, Work Garage operates as Singapore’s trusted, one-shop workplace provider.

They aim to meet professionals and businesses diverse requirements, which they’ve delivered to the highest standard with various workspace solutions, including virtual offices.

With COVID-19 still in our communities, some companies and their staff prefer to work out-of-office. Stay safe while remaining competitive and on top of your work with a Work Garage virtual membership. They’ve got you covered so you can focus on the core of your business.

Ready-to-use offices, designed for efficiency, productivity and inspirational thought, are there to rent flexible for workplace relocation.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: SGD 1 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 12 minute walk to rail.

Essential for any business to have is a strong professional image.

If you’ve built a company in lockdown and need a desirable work location to enhance your corporate identity, Park Avenue Serviced Offices have got your back.

Hand over your mail handling and telephone answering to a professional team of staff to free up time during your busy day. Also enjoy a string of other business services that make your work life less hectic.

The office branch in question is located near Changi Airport, a convenient address for those who frequently travel.

The business centre is a cross between a professional work environment and a cosy home - think light-filled offices, comfy furniture, and exciting views. Work-related and lifestyle amenities are accessible to all office occupiers, including a rooftop swimming pool and an in-house fitness centre.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: SGD 27 per week
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Great location - 8 minute walk to bus.

Find your spot in tech-savvy Singapore. As one of the world's leading startup ecosystems, this is the city to take your business or career to new heights.

If renting an office isn't on the cards, try a virtual office for size.

Spaces' virtual offices provide you with a top-notch business destination, mail handling and global access to business lounges and events.

Additionally, telephone answering services come part and parcel to ensure you never miss a call.

Meeting rooms overlooking Singapore's glittering skyline are free-to-use for events, functions, presentations, staff training and client catch-ups.

Upgrade your package to Virtual Plus and enjoy even more perks, including five days of desk or office space a month.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: SGD 20 per week
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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 2 minute walk to rail.

As the world of work evolves, so are our workspaces.

If you're looking to set your remote company up in a widely reputable area, look no further than this business hub.

A virtual office with The Executive Centre hands you the best company address and various business-enhancing services bundled in a generous package for a fraction of the cost of a standard office.

Secure your spot at the Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower, a striking 33-story skyscraper that enjoys prime residency in Singapore's economic hub.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: SGD 28 per week
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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 2 minute walk to rail.

Empower your business with a virtual office.  With this membership, you're not locked into an inflexible contract. You also don't need to see the inside of an office either.

Enjoy maximum flexibility, exemplary business services and a renowned company address at a lesser cost as a member.

If your company requirements change, upsize your virtual office to a luxurious city-based workspace, and enjoy quality amenities, lightning-fast internet, reliable infrastructure and hands-on reception services.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: SGD 28 per week
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Great location - 4 minute walk to bus.

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