Top 8 Virtual Offices in Sydney

Virtual Office

Our work-from-home experience has changed our views on “the office”. Our ideas of work-life have undergone some serious reconstruction, and we’re no longer accepting being in the office full time or at all.  

An aggressive growth of workplace solutions has occurred throughout Sydney, handing people more choice than ever over where they’d like to work, even if that means running an empire from a favourite armchair at home.  

If you’re a digital nomad or a remote-first company with no inclination to establish a central headquarters or a slow-growing startup with limited funds, a virtual office might be right for you. 

Virtual offices are a subscription-based service that provides people with a virtual business address they can slap onto their company cards. It’s a great way of winning over clients without having to settle permanently in an office. 

Virtual offices usually come with features like mail forwarding and a telephone line, but they may vary depending on the company you pick. 

Take a look at our best places to base your remote business in Sydney!

You don’t need a workplace to expand your startup or boost your business as a virtual office member. 

The Executive Centre provides a prestigious work address to the otherwise-located, overlooking Sydney’s most iconic office complexes and retail centres, Australia Square.

Beyond its desirable zip code, a few neat office perks and privileges such as a telephone number and mail handling are included in your package. 

When you need a change of scenery or to host clients, the contemporary-styled office space offers a wide selection of office arrangements.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: A$100 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 3 minute walk to rail.

As a remote company owner, you need a strong foundation to base your business. 

Company Australia offers unbeatable virtual office plans to those who aren’t looking for cutting-edge workspaces and awesome perks but need a leg up.

This Compass (Australia) branch is positioned on Kent Street in the Bangaroo location, which, if you know it, is an upmarket precinct to the northwest of Sydney CBD. Registering your business here is a surefire way of boosting your corporate image and getting your name out there.

Compass Australia will accommodate your business requirements and motivate you with their high-end workspaces, inspiring designs and incredible harbour views if you ever need a change from your current work environment.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: A$25 per week
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Great location - 4 minute walk to bus, 6 minute walk to rail.

The future of work is flexible, which is something that Spaces (Australia) strive for with their wide array of workplace solutions.

Embrace the world of remote working with a virtual office. This plan suits everyone from leading startups to established businesses who want to enhance their visibility in Surry Hills, a highly sought-after neighbourhood near Sydney’s CBD.

A virtual office equips you with a prestigious work address and an array of services that help you to refocus and grow your business.

Utilise a creative serviced office that features high ceilings, plenty of light and designer furniture for team collaboration or to introduce clients to your business.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: A$36 per week
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Great location - 4 minute walk to bus.

The pandemic has us reevaluating what we want from a workplace, with more people listing work flexibility as a top priority. 

Beautifully designed and highly functional workspaces are nice to have but might not meet the specific requirements of remote businesses or workers.

Regus (Australia) fills the needs of those working-from-home with highly competitive virtual office packages.

Have a prestigious work address at the core of Sydney CBD that you can add to your business cards and sometimes visit to meet clients or work from. Its blend of elegance and functionality makes it an office centre that’s a cut above the rest. 

What makes it all the more desirable is its location. The business centre lies inside an A-grade building above Sydney's most famous pedestrian thoroughfare.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: A$50 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to rail.

Here Coworking has reinvented the notion of working, realising there are better workplace alternatives to traditional offices. 

While coworking is their primary focus, Here Coworking on Harris Street caters to the needs of remote workers. 

In today’s business climate, you don’t need to be in a professional environment to get work done or take your career or business to the next level. Here Coworking have appealing virtual offices that include an attractive work address in a recognisable side of town. They also offer various business services and provide space to connect, collaborate and work when it's needed.

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Great location - 3 minute walk to bus.

Christie Space is known for its beautifully conceived office designs that feature high ceilings, large windows, plenty of space and all the amenities in the world. 

The flex space providers are lesser known for their virtual office plans for Sydney-siders who don’t want to set up shop somewhere new.

Those who are quite happy nailing KPIS in Starbucks or a home office might benefit from using a virtual office. The support offered with a virtual office membership can help you steer your business in the right direction.

If you require a collaborative setting or executive boardroom for teamwork or functions, this Christie Spaces branch has you covered with its variety of communal spaces.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: A$22 per week
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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 5 minute walk to rail.

As a new business or company recovering from pandemic-related losses, renting a workspace might not be in your best financial interests. But that shouldn’t mean going without vital business services, support and networking opportunities.

A virtual office at McGrath Executive provides you with an address and the resources needed to accelerate your business growth. 

If you ever feel lonely and isolated at home, spend a day at the office, connect with like-minded folk and explore a well-connected part of the city. Restaurants, public transports, shops and well-established businesses are a hop, skip and a jump from the office.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: A$23 per week
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Great location - 4 minute walk to bus, 6 minute walk to rail.

Conveniently located within the CBD, this Regus business centre emerges above Sydney’s skyline, providing an inspiring backdrop to office inhabitants.  

But a fine business address, multiple office formats and exclusive perks aren’t all this flex space has to offer. Virtual office spaces, built for a diverse bunch of ambitious entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups, are also popular choices.

Enjoy the exclusive Regus vibe from afar, and choose to use its spaces, if you ever get distracted working from home, require an inspirational work setting or need to impress visitors with a glossy workspace that indicates your level of success as a business owner.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: A$39 per week
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Great location - 3 minute walk to bus, 3 minute walk to rail.

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