Is it Better to Work from Home or Coworking Space?

Daniel Lange | 24 June, 2024 | Est. reading time: 5 minutes
Deciding between home or a coworking space depends on your work style and environment preferences.
We’ve come a long way from the first industrial revolution of 1765 all the way to Industry 4.0, a phenomenon that has birthed multiple advancements in not just workspaces but also many other industries worldwide. With this in mind, is it better to work from home or coworking space?

To answer this question, we may have to travel back in time. Our journey starts with the first industrial revolution and the introduction of the first instance of workers working in enclosed spaces for a fixed period.

As workers strived to improve work conditions, and as the nature of work began to change, we entered the second industrial revolution of the 1870s, which included Henry Ford’s assembly line methods that revolutionised work as we knew it!

However, something was missing. Despite nuclear energy speeding up things in the third industrial revolution, it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that the true potential of flexible workspaces and work timings was recognised. This led to coworking spaces and Industry 4.0.

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Is it Better to Work from Home or Coworking Space?

The concept of Industry 4.0 points to an obvious conclusion: times have changed, and workspaces are no exception. The new age has brought with it multiple advancements in the field of technology, and workers are flocking to businesses that provide them with equally advanced solutions.

For businesses, coworking spaces are a much better option. This is because the transition to flexible work after the pandemic has pushed many workers to opt for flexible workspace solutions. This is especially true for people working in the gig economy.

Looking for an unbiased analysis of work from home vs. coworking space? Keep reading!

Why Rent a Coworking Space?

Is it better to work from home or coworking space? Some workers always pick the latter. The allure of working from home might not have died out yet, but there is much potential for distraction when you choose to work from home.

You may get unparalleled comfort and flexibility at home, the option to work in a space designed solely by you, and the escape from the constraints of a traditional office. You also save a lot of costs as you don’t have to invest in the daily commute! However, it isn’t without its challenges.

This comfort can quickly turn into a double-edged sword. The omnipresence of household chores, kids, and sources of entertainment can push you into an endless and inescapable cycle of unproductivity.

You may also feel much more isolated when forced to work away from your colleagues. In fact, this isolation often leads to feelings of loneliness, low motivation, and lack of accountability due to a non-existent routine.

Why rent a coworking space? Why not?

✓ Coworking spaces are beginning to replace traditional office spaces through their unique addition to the modern workforce. They offer a unique blend of community, flexibility, and resources, providing an exciting alternative.

✓ These spaces often provide the structure missing from remote work setups. Dedicated workstations and meeting rooms designed to cater to the industry's unique requirements can better align with business goals.

✓ You also get to escape the distractions that may hinder your work at home! You often get to step away from the busy work schedule and embrace the community that awaits you within the shared office space. Professionals from different industries can come together and create a dynamic ecosystem beneficial for all workers in the space! 

Looking for more information on coworking spaces and the types of desks you can explore? Office Hub can help!

Why Do Coworking Spaces Fail?

Why do coworking spaces fail? Are they inherently flawed and headed toward failure? Or is it simply how coworking spaces are set up that leads businesses to a downfall? Research suggests that the latter is true.

Keep reading to discover more answers to “Is it better to work from home or coworking space,” and a list of productivity tips in coworking spaces that can save your flexible workspace from failure. 

1. Lack of Routine Equals Low Productivity

Coworking spaces often fail due to a lack of routine. It is important for workers not just to get access to a coworking space but also to receive a semblance of a routine that they can look to for structure. The lower the structure and dedicated work hours, the lesser the productivity.

Flexibility does not always mean letting workers create their own schedules. Consider dedicating work hours and letting them figure out the rest! This allows them to maintain their flexible work timings without missing out on important tasks that can hinder business growth.

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2. The Wrong Space Can Demotivate Workers

It is not just the coworking space that you need to pick carefully. It is also important to arrange the space in a way that benefits your workers.

Choose the right spot. Coworking spaces can provide you with a variety of options you can choose from which include hot desks (workers get to choose a new desk every day) and dedicated desks (fixed desks allotted to workers for a specific period). Select an arrangement that works for your niche and get started!

If you think your workers work better in private, enclosed areas, consider exploring private office spaces. However, if your workers would benefit more from collaboration, switch to open office spaces and take advantage of collaborative opportunities in the same building!

Still wondering, “Is it better to work from home or coworking space?” Here is one more tip you can explore!

3. Making the Most of It

Since coworking spaces are known to offer the best amenities, it is important to explore them and ensure that you are utilising them in the best way possible for your workers. Ensure your workers know all about the kitchen, the coffee spaces, the quiet spots, the breakout areas, and the outdoor spaces so they can use them for relaxation.

Provide your workers the opportunity to be open with their feedback. Their suggestions can allow you to improve their experience. For example, if workers constantly complain of distractions, consider offering their noise-cancelling headphones or moving to a different workspace!

What is the Future of Work: Coworking Spaces of Course!

Coworking or work from home? The choice is yours!

Coworking spaces are all about striking the right balance. The decision ultimately depends on your individual preferences. While working from home can add comfort to your work life, it demands a level of discipline that not all workers can master.

Coworking spaces offer a much more dynamic environment and a middle ground where workers can reap the benefits of flexible work without compromising on productivity.

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