Creative Sanctuary: The Great Room Opens in Sydney

Grant Philipp | 24 July, 2023 | Est. reading time: 5 minutes
The Great Room in Sydney

Are you curious about what will be the result when innovative design and convenience and flexibility collide?

The answer: The Great Room!

Born in the vibrant city of Singapore in 2016, The Great Room has embarked on an amazing journey, building a formidable presence in prime locations across Asia. Now, they have 10 prime locations strategically scattered throughout some of Asia’s most iconic urban landscapes, including the bustling streets of Singapore, the vibrant atmosphere of Bangkok, and the dynamic environment of Hong Kong. 

Bold Ventures

In 2022, a groundbreaking development sent ripples through the flexible workspace industry: The Great Room joined forces with the US-based powerhouse, Industrious. This strategic acquisition allowed them to unlock a world of possibilities, tapping into Industrious' extensive network and resources. As a global real estate consultancy, CBRE's 40% stake in Industrious provided The Great Room with unprecedented opportunities to connect with Fortune 500 companies and beyond.

Through this collaboration, their members gained access not only to its own exceptional coworking spaces but also to all Industrious and Industrious-owned providers, including the acclaimed Welkin & Meraki. This move elevated the coworking experience to new heights, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience for professionals on the move.

The Great Room continues to redefine the working experience and now they are ready to take the limelight in the dynamic place of Sydney, Australia!

The Great Room in Sydney
The Great Room's furniture harmonizing with a tapestry of green and elegant lights.
meeting_roomAvailable Offices 4 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 5 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$509 to A$5,502

- Conveniently located near St James, Museum, or Town Hall Station with access to a broad variety of retail, food, and bars. - Stunning unobstructed panoramic views - Grade-A building with 5-star Greenstar green label - Sophisticated, yet eco-conscious design concept from acclaimed office design studio HASSELL.

2.1 mins walkSt James Station
2 mins walkSt James
21.7 mins walkSydney Airport (SYD)

Prime Location Meets Convenience

Picture this: A workspace that is just a few steps away from St James Station, Castlereagh Street, and Stand D bus stop. You don’t have to worry anymore with long commutes and you can have more time taking your favorite macchiato paired with a luscious caramel nut tart for your breakfast!

The Great Room acknowledges the importance of accessibility, especially in transportation, which is why their creative serviced office in Australia was strategically placed in the central location of Sydney’s Castlereagh Street next to the Queen Victoria Building, Hyde Park, malls, museums, and restaurants.

Elevated Interior Design

Designed by Australia’s award-winning architecture and interior design firm, Hassell, their interiors will surely leave you stuck in awe with how they blended contemporary, hospitality, and pieces of Sydney’s authentic reflection in their 1200-sqm workspace.

Its furniture and other wooden components are harmonizing with the tapestry of green and elegant lights. Some spaces balance simplicity, natural lights, and clean lines to create a very comfy workspace. As you work here, you will surely feel the positive energy that permeates The Great Room’s space while vibing with the heart of Sydney with its design.

The Great Room in Sydney
One of The Great Room's beautifully crafted common spaces

Haven of Convenience

With 24/7 access, meeting rooms, printing facilities, signage options, and unlimited electricity usage, everything you need to run a successful business is at your fingertips. Worried about office cleaning and shower facilities? Don't be—The Great Room has that covered too. Embrace the collaborative atmosphere of the public spaces, and if you require additional storage or mail handling, they've got you sorted.

But there's more! Their private offices’ customization and quality are at their finest! They have enterprise-grade WiFi to cater to your digital needs. They also have a spacious event and meeting area anchored with a relaxing bar for networking and collaboration. They also offer Monday Breakfast Club and exclusive business, learning, and lifestyle events to maximize your satisfaction.

Friendly Grade-A Building

Another great thing about The Great Room is it resides within a stunning Grade-A building with 5-star Greenstar green label certification, showcasing its commitment to eco-conscious design. Embrace the breathtaking, unobstructed panoramic views of Sydney's cityscape that will leave you feeling inspired every day. 

Accessibility is also a priority, with access for persons living with disability and bike storage available. There’s also a cafe in the building to wake you up. Need assistance? They also have friendly concierges to assist you with your needs.

Flexible Choices

Whether you're a small creative team or a thriving enterprise, The Great Room has got you covered. With offices accommodating a range of different team sizes, their workspaces come fully furnished with flexible rental terms, offering an ideal environment for your team to thrive. Starting at A$299 per week (A$1300 per month), it's an excellent value for a private office that will take your business to new heights.

The Great Room also offers a diverse range of office spaces tailored to your unique requirements. When you book a tour, their friendly team will show you an array of available office spaces, ranging from cozy 1-desk setups to larger enterprise spaces.

List of Available Workspaces of The Great Room in Sydney

The Great Room in Sydney
The Great Room balances simplicity, natural lights, and clean lines to create a comfy workspace.

Personalized Customer Service

The Great Room also understands that finding the ideal workspace in Sydney can be overwhelming. That's the reason behind their provision of a free, personalized service, which aids you in uncovering the most favorable rates and empowers you to make well-considered decisions for your team.

The Office Hub team is also available to cater to your specific requirements by crafting a tailor-made, adaptable, and fully equipped solution, ensuring it aligns precisely with your unique needs. We guarantee a smooth experience throughout the process.

Ignite the Future of Work with The Great Room

The Great Room goes beyond being merely a serviced office; it represents a creative haven where innovation not only survives but thrives, fostering the growth of businesses in Sydney. Embrace the advantages of a prime central location, the aesthetics of a thoughtfully crafted workspace, and the unwavering support from a committed team.

Don't wait any longer—unleash your team's creative potential at The Great Room on Castlereagh Street, Sydney. 

Contact Office Hub and start the future of your business now!

The Great Room in Sydney
Innovation, convenience, and flexibility shine through The Great Room's space.

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