Coworking with a Side of Childcare: Explore 5 Best Picks!

Andrew Beck | 27 June, 2024 | Est. reading time: 5 minutes
Coworking space with onsite childcare in Sydney
Working from home is a luxury not everyone can afford. This is perhaps the reason many working parents find themselves looking for a coworking space with childcare, Sydney, when searching for the best place to work.

If you happen to be a business, it isn’t uncommon to come across workers looking for creative solutions that allow them to avoid leaving their kids at home. Coworking spaces for creative parents are important, not just for their own peace of mind but also for office productivity overall.

This ultimate luxury isn’t just required by creatives such as writers, designers, and artists. Many people have begun to shift towards remote work simply because they experience higher productivity levels and a better work-life balance during the pandemic. Coworking spaces can emulate this without compromising on communication and collaboration.

According to Medium, although it is important to allow parents to step away from the distractions at home, drop their children off at safe childcare venues, and focus on work, it can be quite complicated to manage in traditional spaces. Creative solutions are necessary to meet the gap.

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Why Do We Need a Coworking Space with Childcare, Sydney?

Why do we need co-working with a side of childcare? A good coworking space for rent in Sydney is already hard to find without the added burden of looking for childcare services nearby. However, there are many benefits this addition could provide. These include;

  • Letting go of the guilt of leaving your children at home or failing to provide them with adequate attention during remote work.
  • Getting enough sleep and feeling much more productive during the work day.
  • Avoiding the pit-stop you have to make at daycare on your way back.
  • Getting quality time with your child during breaks.
  • Having peace of mind as your child gets access to safe childcare.
Looking for coworking spaces with childcare services in the same building is necessary. Although it may be hard, it is a necessary effort that the best coworking space in Sydney must make to ensure they provide their workers with all the more reason to be extra productive!

Learn more about the benefits of coworking spaces before you move ahead!

Coworking Space with Childcare, Sydney: 5 Top Picks

Searching for a coworking space with childcare, Sydney? Here are some of the best picks;

meeting_roomAvailable Offices 2 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 70 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$30,999 to A$52,500

This creative space in the central business district of Sydney is unlike any other. It is a place where brilliant minds collaborate and produce amazing work. With its dedicated spaces for freelancers, small businesses, and larger corporations, its workers are fully prepared to face the demands of the growing economy.

With JustCo at 60 Margaret Street, you will always find a spacious and uplifting area ready for your workers, with ergonomic furniture, the fastest IT services, and stylish meeting rooms. The best part? It is great for working parents!

It is conveniently located in the same building as Guardian Childcare and Education at Margaret Street! This childcare facility also boasts high accessibility as it provides easy access to public transport and has extended opening hours. This means you can easily pop in and meet your kids during your break!

You can also stay stress-free as you know you are leaving your children in the hands of the best educators and certified teachers to support their growth. You don’t just get a high-quality two-year preschool program; you also get a place that prepares your children for the long term!

Looking for cheaper workspaces instead? Explore this blog on cheap coworking spaces, Sydney to learn more. Or hop onto our websites to access the best coworking desk for rent in Sydney with childcare.

2 mins walkWynyard Station, York St, Stand P
2 mins walkWynyard
17 mins walkSydney Airport (SYD)
meeting_roomAvailable Offices 3 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 14 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$1,651 to A$10,501

This shared office space for rent, Sydney, conveniently located near Barangaroo, provides a little bit of something for everyone. It lets you in on the best restaurants, natural sceneries, and shopping locations for when you get off work!

As for the Sydney open coworking space at 33 Clarence Street, Barangaroo, there is none better! Here is a prime office space that gives you and your team the best of both worlds. You get a fully furnished office on the one hand, which gets you all the amenities required to get started right away. This includes collaboration, breakout areas, meeting rooms, and much more! It also gives you a breathtaking view, which you can enjoy while you work.

On the other hand, it is also located in the same building as The Learning Sanctuary, Sydney. It is quite easy to bring your kids along when you go in to work as you can easily drop them off at this childcare in the same building. It is located just a few minutes’ walk from Wynard Station and Barangaroo, and you can access it from both Clarence Street and Kent Street.

You also get the best early childhood education for your child at this coworking space with childcare, Sydney, which means you aren’t just dropping your children off for the sake of work. You are contributing to their bright future! Trust The Learning Sanctuary to provide your child with its team of qualified and passionate professionals who nurture your child towards healthy mental and physical growth and provide regular updates for your peace of mind.

Still looking for a coworking space with onsite childcare in Sydney? Keep reading!

1 min walkWynyard Station, Jamison St, Stand U
2 mins walkLang Park, York St
18 mins walkSydney Airport (SYD)

It can be pretty hard to find your best work self. Often, it is impossible to do so in a traditional environment where flexible office timings aren’t welcomed. At Clarence, Castlereagh Street, you will feel right at home!

This space is uniquely designed for businesses looking forward to collaborative efforts and providing their employees with a space far beyond the ordinary. The style, as well as the setting, reflects a modern touch without being over-the-top. Moreover, the space is minimally furnished to prevent distractions regarding the design.

With this space, you can put your head in the game and get to work or step out and enjoy a quick chat in the communal areas. Consider taking a break and using one of the armchairs to gaze at the view overlooking the cityscapes. You can also take advantage of the meeting rooms to impress your clients.

Besides the administrative support, fast WiFi, friendly receptionist, and 24-hour security, you can also benefit from the fact that The Tree House, a well-known childcare service, is located in the same building! The Tree House celebrates your children’s imagination and allows them to explore while you are away at work.

They get to explore academics, art, dance, music, movement, numeracy, sciences, social sciences, and much more! This childcare aims to let the children lead the journey, embraces all backgrounds, and provides access to a rich community of other working parents aiming at the same goals.

Want to go to work stress-free? Explore this coworking space with childcare, Sydney, today!

4 mins walkSheraton on the Park, Elizabeth St
2 mins walkSt James Station
16 mins walkSydney Airport (SYD)
meeting_roomAvailable Offices 9 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 60 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$801 to A$49,979

You may think a hybrid setup is going to be pretty easy to achieve. However, this is quite stressful for working parents as working with their children may be distracting. This could lead to a drop in productivity.

Space&Co. provides its workers with a flexible workspace for work and childcare services in the same building. The Guardian Childcare and Education is one of the best educational institutes for your children to grow mentally and physically.

This childcare facility welcomes children six weeks and above, providing secure and safe environments for their social and emotional development. Parents can drop off their children and return to their coworking spaces to finish their jobs. This reduces stress and increases productivity by a large margin.

At Space&Co., you get 24/7 access and all-inclusive pricing, which means if you are on the lookout for a shared office space for rent, Sydney, there is none better than Space&Co. for your working parents.

Looking for more shared office spaces? Click here to learn all about shared office types you can explore!

3 mins walkTown Hall Station, Park St, Stand J
3 mins walkTown Hall
17 mins walkSydney Airport (SYD)

This coworking space at 650 George Street is fully equipped and comes with a reception desk and fast internet. You get to use the space 24/7, except on Wednesdays from 3-4 pm.

The best part? It is located in the same building as the Active Kids World Square, which means you can easily drop your child off whenever you need to come to work.

The Active Kids World Square staff is pretty committed to their children as they hope to provide the highest level of Early Childhood Education by encouraging holistic growth and investing in the best educationists. They also incorporate a curriculum that works with your child’s interests!

Choosing the Active Kids World Square staff means leaving stress at the door when you enter your workplace. This is because the staff provides regular updates through photos, notes, and stories, allowing you to participate in your child’s experience at work!

2 mins walkChinatown
4 mins walkCapitol Square
119 mins walkSydney Airport (SYD)

Take the First Step Towards the Best Coworking Space with Childcare, Sydney

If you are looking for the best coworking space with childcare, Sydney, it is important to trust a reliable advisor who can provide a holistic picture that allows you to make the right decision.

Consider getting in touch with Office Hub. We provide you with some of the best options for office spaces near childcare centres, pet-friendly spaces, free coworking spaces, and much more!

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