Top Coworking Spots In And Around Hackney

These are the best places to work in Hackney and the reasons to love this area, enquire on our top list below!

Londoners looking for a local workspace might overlook Hackney, and they’re missing out.

Hackney might have had a less than ideal reputation for safety in the past, but the East London borough has turned things around.

The situation is changing with Hackney making a comeback. People looking to rent in the area notice the business opportunities the recently revived area can offer them.

We’ve pulled together a list of the best Hackney coworking spaces in and around Hackney that’ll make your heart sing. Plus, what makes Hackney special? Find out by reading the mini-guide we’ve prepared.

Once a former factory and Victorian warehouse, this Hackney shared office space pays tribute to its roots while providing for the accommodation requirements of modern businesses. 

The interiors feature its original bare brick walls coupled with a bio-diverse roof, concrete floors and steel columns in the front, creating a uniquely designed coworking space with a contemporary industrial-chic aesthetic.

Dotted throughout the distinctive office centre are lounge areas for collaboration and socialising. Both furnished with seating, an atrium and rooftop terrace may also be accessed by members for outdoor work and leisure on warm, sunny days.

The space has been completely transformed with 94 workplace and studio options, providing serviced offices, immaculate meeting rooms and high-end facilities, including a staffed reception, showers and cycle racks.

Visit the onsite cafe in the mornings, at lunchtime or when the mid-afternoon slump hits. Everything off the menu - coffee, breakfast and brunch, is supplied by a local family-run deli, Franse & Evans.

Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £30 per week
  • Private offices from: £619 per week
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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 2 minute walk to rail.

Second Home is a home-from-home with everything you need to work hard and play hard while being close to family. 

The family-friendly coworking centre features an onsite nursery for working parents, the convenience of which allows you to check on your kids periodically. Every day is 'take your child to work day' at Second Home. 

There are other factors at play that make this flex space feel warm, inviting, and cosy. Plants in every room and mid-century furniture add to the ambience. A wellness programme adapted to fit local recommendations ensures that Second Home members have activities they can enjoy away from their desks to relax, work out, meditate and forget about work-life stressors. 

Whatever your space requirements are, there's a membership that's right for you at Second Home. Find a permanent coworking workstation to call yours if you enjoy being surrounded by industry professionals from all spheres of life. 

Select your own private office for days, weeks or months with flexible access to other Second Home areas. Choose a fully equipped and furnished studio if you're looking for a permanent office abode to work that's brightly lit and plant-filled with access to everything you'll ever need. The choice is yours - whatever you desire!

Need a particular style of membership to meet your unique work schedule? Second Hand will accommodate you! They provide hot desk roaming passes, single-day passes and bundle pass packages. 

Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £81 per week
  • Private offices from: £828 per week
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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 5 minute walk to rail.

Urchin Studios is designed for Hackney's creative and musical community. Writers, recording artists, podcasters and musicians are welcome in these spaces.

Eight bespoke desks are available for deep thinkers and artists looking for quiet spaces to bring their ideas to life. Chairs can be requested, and super-fast WIFI is freely available. 

Memberships provide access to in-built meeting rooms and equipment, a shared lounge and kitchen facilities, and complimentary tea and coffee.

You'll receive a 20% reduction on studio room hires to record music or podcasts or even write without noise or disruption. Each of the three studio rooms is unique and can be used for various purposes. 

These spaces are full of light - not always a given in recording studios - and feature all the necessary equipment you could want. 

Long-term production rooms are available for lease if you're an established or up-and-coming production company looking for space and a supportive musical community to join.

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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 3 minute walk to rail.

Mirror Works isn't just a super-luxe modern office but a symbol of the area's exceptional regenerative growth. Many businesses call Stratford home because it's a promising East London neighbourhood. 

Mirror Works lie at the heart of action-packed Stratford, capturing the attention of passers-by. 

Mirror Works is eye-catching and unique. A former Victorian glassware factory, Mirror Works pays tribute to the area's rich heritage in name and appearance. Its impressive construction features many mirrored elements, lighting sculptures, and floor-to-wall windows through which sunshine filters.

Specific design elements stand out. The sophisticated colour palette of the workplace, its terrace floors, and abundant botanical plants give the office a modern, green and sleek appearance.  

This is Workspace Group's latest work location, with various new inclusive offers available to office-seekers. These brand-new and unused private offices are perfect to start your next chapter and are ready to be furnished in line with your style and brand.

Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £35 per week
  • Private offices from: £131 per week

Once a pharmaceutical company, the Pill Box had undergone a significant renaissance. 

Set up in vibey Bethnal Green, along an idyllic cobbled street, the revived building houses a professional creative community. 

The Workspace Group has converted the space into a stylish and modern working environment featuring bare brick walls, massive windows and lab tiles - a working playground for creatives looking to spice up their office environment. 

Private offices suit larger teams that can be scaled up or downsized, while the coworking space on the ground floor provides the perfect home for freelancers.

An onsite cafe is right next door, perfect for a morning or mid-afternoon caffeine hit or entertaining, and an equipped gym. You can use the meeting rooms near these shared offices for your next meeting with shareholders or group work.

Workspace Group Pill Box commits to workers' wellness by providing lifestyle facilities. Their landscaped front lawn with picnic tables and seating areas and rooftop terrace are two non-work-related spaces where employees can be themselves and enjoy lunch, the views, and nature.

Traces of the Pill Boxes' former life are found in quirky ways across the building, like the giant pill capsules on the landscaped front lawns that give the workspace a fun character.

Tired of hearing about coworking spaces boasting about the speed of their internet, only to be let down by lousy WIFI? Not this time. Pill Box boasts verifiably resilient connectivity, offering the best in digital infrastructure.

Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £36 per week
  • Private offices from: £249 per week
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Great location - 3 minute walk to bus, 4 minute walk to rail.

The Co-dalston is nestled on a tranquil street in Dalston, near various shops and within walking distance of Dalston Kingsland Station. 

The Co-dalston is predominately a Hackney coworking haven for entrepreneurs and freelancers, offering a series of coworking desks and meeting rooms. However, startups might also find the shared office's intimate and cosy setup ideal for working. 

Ditch your office and work in a shared workplace with a family environment where members aren't just individuals working from the same space but part of a lively, connected and supportive thriving business community. 

Knowing that launching a business or starting projects is overwhelming, Co-dalston is happy to provide their services and top-notch facilities to amplify your work experience during stressful moments in your career with regular networking, business advice and mentoring.

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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 4 minute walk to rail.

Reasons to Love Hackney

#1 Hackney’s Eco-Friendly

Hackney is suitable for eco-conscious companies. The small town ranks the third-most environmentally friendly out of 314 local authorities, with the neighbouring borough, Tower Hamlets coming in first. 

In 2019, the Hackney council pledged to reach zero net carbon emissions by 2040. So far, they’ve made some impressive contributions by planting 2,500 mature street trees and 12,000 trees in parks and open spaces. They’ve also switched the council’s electricity supply to renewable energy.

You’ll find that individuals are doing their bit in everyday life too. Lots of locals ride bikes to work instead of driving.

Living and working in Hackney means ditching your four wheels for a healthier (for you and the environment) commute.

#2 The Nightlife is Vibrant

With less road traffic, the streets might be quieter, but that doesn’t make Hackney a sleepy town. On the contrary, Hackney is a hot spot for post-work drinks or a night out in East London.

Some of London’s coolest bars are in Hackney, including Mare Street’s The Cock Tavern, The Moth Club and The Victoria in Dalston.

#3 There Are Unmissable Interesting Small Town Oddities And Attractions

Without giving much away, Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art and Natural History gives employees looking for engaging lunchtime activities more than they bargained for.

Described as London's best-kept secret, the landmark is called many things - eerie, bizarre, macabre and not family-friendly; however you see it, you won't quickly forget your experience.

If the museum is a little too unconventional or gruesome, The Broadway Market is a favourite among locals for its food stalls, fresh food and vintage fashion.

#4 An Abundance Of Business Opportunities

Hackney hosts various businesses, from small independent companies to giant conglomerates. 

If you’re looking to change your career or find new work, you might find new opportunities here. 

Hackney isn’t new to business enterprise - pop-ups are regularly held, and Hackney Fashion Hub and

Hackney Council recently set up The Hackney Sho. This initiative puts the spotlight on different local designers every week. 

#5 Vast Culinary Delights

The great thing about Hackney’s food scene is the diversity. Many London restaurateurs set up in Hackney and neighbouring areas because the startup costs are lower. 

This results in Hackney’s hungry eating well with the vast array of eateries open for dining. 

Take your pick from Michelin-starred restaurants, street-style food and everything in between, serving a wide array of mouth-smacking meals.

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