The Ab-soho-lute Best Coworking Spaces in Soho

Why working in Soho is the best decision for your career

Soho has shown Londoners a good time for centuries. Known for being a top entertainment hotspot in London town, the best restaurants, bars, pubs and shops fill the bustling avenues and alleyways promising endless opportunities for revelry.

Now this neighbourhood has expanded its reach to businesses and working professionals, offering work digs that reflect the district’s beloved Bohemian spirit. Light-filled, inspiring and adaptable coworking spaces exist for those looking to embark on promising careers or head up their own businesses.

If you’re looking for a diverse business landscape built on community togetherness and a distinct lack of conventionality, then you’ll thrive in eclectic Soho.

Words that best describe this Soho business hub are slick, stylish and sophisticated. It’s the perfect work location for businesses wanting modern offices to lay down their roots and instil confidence in their business associates. 

Featuring sunlit rooms, a myriad of office plants and designer furniture scattered across the floor, tasteful ornaments and more, the office is immaculately designed to optimise creativity and innovation. 

Unlimited tea and coffee, and occasional snacks keep employees fueled and energised around the clock. At the same time, spacious breakout areas provide ideal meeting points for colleagues to recharge, discuss work matters, share ideas, engage in idle chatter, or collaborate.

A vast range of office arrangements for different works styles are available, including fully-equipped private, cosy corner spots in open-plan rooms, for small to large companies after a secure work digs, or digital nomads wanting temporary space.  

Best for: mid-sized companies who want professional spaces without extra costs or complications.
Outstanding features: revamped spaces and trendy breakout zones

You’ll love: opportunities for upskilling at onsite workshops 


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £150 per week
  • Private offices from: £978 per week
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Great location - 4 minute walk to bus, 6 minute walk to rail.

Cosmopolitan and creative, this unique Soho workspace is perfect for a small, agile team. 

The communal spaces, the central meeting point for various businesses to congregate, beckon workers needing occasional tea breaks with its bright, cosy furniture, 

Beautiful portraits and warm modern art adorn the collaborative setups’ walls, while the large serviced offices, largely unfurnished beyond desks and chairs, are blank canvases ready to be customised. 

Soho, usually known for its busy, bustling streets and lively vibes, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Fortunately, Soho Square is a quiet corner of London where professionals seeking tranquillity and quiet can work. Those seeking entertainment can head over to Oxford, Bond and Regent Streets, famous avenues close to the flexible workspace. 

Best for: film, media and entertainment companies after a tranquil work hubs in a highly regarded hotspot 

Outstanding features: communal areas featuring various seating arrangements

You’ll love: the inspiring artwork, unique decor, and like-minded folk to fuel your creative drive


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £172 per week
  • Private offices from: £1,105 per week

With its sweeping staircase, intact fireplaces, exposed brick walls and other stunning period features, there’s no denying there’s something special about this classic-style flex space.

With modern offices lacking originality, this potential business home tells a story of its past life, the remnants of which have been beautifully maintained inside and out. 

Contemporary workspaces featuring all the necessary facilities and powered by market-leading technology have been created to optimise productivity among diverse workforces. 

Outstanding features include sizable breakout zones from where you can break up your workday on relaxing intermissions or change your scenery to help you focus on work tasks when you’re feeling demotivated. 

With 24/7 building access, CCTV footage and after-hours schedule, you can follow a flexible schedule and not be restricted to working regular office hours.

Best for: small businesses wanting a classic office with a modern twist 

Outstanding features: the mixed office design featuring period pieces, modern equipment and sophisticated decor

You’ll love the sweeping staircases, old world charms and large office windows overlooking Soho


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £117 per week
  • Private offices from: £463 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 5 minute walk to rail.

It’s all about the little things at this high calibre office space. Whether you need access to lightning speed internet or a full coffee pot to keep you working at total capacity, everything imaginable has been thought u to ensure successful creation and a happy workforce. 

It also happens to boast plenty of space for larger teams after a cost-effective hub in the best possible location. 

A clean, uncluttered and bespoke office is essential for all businesses to impress visitors and keep employees happy in attractive offices. 

Featuring pretty pastel-coloured walls, contemporary furniture, exquisite art and large windows overlooking bustling Soho below, this prime hub is world-class and professional. 

The cherry on the cake is the unrivalled tech utilised by tenants, an in-house app that grants you greater flexibility over managing your office space and keeping it secured using a unique QR code. As the ultimate convenience, you can even book and secure meeting facilities online.

Find the ideal business home to call yours without inheriting the stress of running a building independently or the nightmare of having to fit out the office.

Best for: any company wanting a sophisticated workspace in an enviable zipcode 

Outstanding features: an integrated, office app  to organise your worklife and protect your business 

You’ll love that all the little and big things are taken care of for you, from fresh milk in the fridge, through to the building operations.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £213 per week
  • Private offices from: £6,829 per week
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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 6 minute walk to rail.

If you’re looking for a corporate style office, crisp, clean and uniform, then you’ll love this workspace. To separate this hub from mundane and uninspiring offices, bursts of contrasting green hues, interesting artwork, and other quirky office tidbits inject personality into the office.

The spaces are well configured and spacious, granting office workers ample room from which to work. With the addition of large slanted windows, bursts of ambient lighting encase the private office in a golden glow while providing desk jockeys with views of the outside world.

There might not be communal spaces to escape the office hubbub, but the trendy kitchen provides a casual space to warm up last night's supper, grab something to drink or take a seat.

Best for: businesses people wanting private offices to call their own 

Outstanding features: the subtle office design and splashes of greenery 

You’ll love: the large, slanted windows that create a sense of space and provide glimpse of buzzing Soho below


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £142 per week
  • Private offices from: £868 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 3 minute walk to rail.

This ultra-sophisticated flex space is not to be missed for businesses looking to upgrade their current working environment for first-in-class work hubs. 

Companies looking for carefully curated work spaces will love the smatterings of colour and personalised touches, like the gorgeous flower bouquets, ornaments and geometric styled carpets. 

Finding the ideal office setup for your team size has never been easier. Differently proportioned spaces will comfortably house your staff, whether you’re a small or large company. The addition of full-sized windows creates more space while providing office workers with front row seats of bustling Soho. 

Your membership package includes high-speed internet, a myriad of business services, and the option to rent fully-equipped, professional meeting rooms, which are unbeatable perks to leasing space at this top address. 

Situated at the heart of Soho, there’s a sea of bars and restaurants from where to meet clients out-of-office or satisfy lunchtime hunger pangs. The option to explore this vibrant London-based district is possible on foot, tube or bus. 

Best for:  for any sized company looking to return from remote working to the workspace 

Outstanding features:  unrivalled business services, infrastructure and so much more.

You’ll love the central office location from where you can explore 


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £272 per week
  • Private offices from: £566 per week
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Great location - 4 minute walk to bus, 6 minute walk to rail.

Located on Broadwick Street,  a popular avenue in the heart of Soho, this flex space offers easy travelling for employees and plenty of nearby attractions, restaurants, pubs and bars.   

The sizable office spaces found at this business location will appeal to bigger teams or companies who require additional room or privacy to work efficiently. 

Light streaming through large windows adds to the room’s warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where employees work in a relaxed and casual manner.

Utilise the meeting rooms to catch up with customers, staff members, host group strategy sessions, or escape the office traffic for quiet alone time whenever the need arises. 

Manage your stress and break up potential work monotony using the shared breakout zones. These spaces are designed for tenant’s enjoyment from where they can enjoy downtime, chat to colleagues, or collaborate in an informal space. 

Best for: Growing teams requiring additional rooms to scale up

Outstanding features: the shared breakout zones for hard-earning relaxation and stimulating chat. 

You’ll love having the option to rent meeting rooms to meet clients or staff. Better than Zoom, we reckon.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £168 per week
  • Private offices from: £529 per week
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Great location - 4 minute walk to bus, 6 minute walk to rail.

Fancy playing table tennis during lunch or breaking up your day at the office with a work session over coffee and freshly baked goods? 1 Heddon Street offers unique workspaces from where you can work, network, share, learn and have fun. 

Bring along your laptop and work at a dedicated workstation shared with like-minded folk and enjoy the many benefits of working in a collaborative space. 

Or select a private office and close your door on the office hubbub when you need to concentrate. During quiet moments or when mental blocks hit, head to the shared office areas to relax or seek inspiration from others. 

If minimising your carbon footprint and prioritising your health is important to you, the available bike storage and shower facilities assist you with following a sustainable, more active lifestyle during office hours. 

Best for: starting and established business, and everything in between.

Outstanding features: the exclusive rooftop terrace for relaxing and breathing fresh air

You’ll love having an onsite table tennis table and cosy cafe for delicious food and strong coffee


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £276 per week
  • Private offices from: £552 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 5 minute walk to rail.

Situated inside a period Edwardian building, self-contained private offices are arranged across three floors. Comfortable and spacious, the workspaces are geared toward small to large companies requiring cost-effective spaces in a desirable location. 

The overall look and feel of these offices suit companies who prefer modest spaces to extravagance. Although not luxurious, the flex space is comfortable, clean, and furnished, offering ample space to hunker down. 

Pre-installed telecoms and comprehensive IT enable seamless connectivity throughout the day, ensuring that businesses never experience technical glitches that impact their work performance. 

Grab coffee or store food from the shared kitchen and reduce your monthly expenses for takeaway java and meals. 

Best for: small companies that prefer private offices over shared space 

Outstanding features: the pre-installed telecoms and IT that makes working effortless


You’ll love the stunning Edwardian building from which your new private office is situated 


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £131 per week
  • Private offices from: £709 per week
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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 3 minute walk to rail.

When it comes choosing modern offices, less is often better. If you’re a fan of minimalism, then you’ll love the design of this clean, uncluttered and spartan-styled office featuring an abundance of space, tasteful grey detailing, whitewash walls, exposed brickwork and elegant wooden panelling.

And if you’re looking to make this space yours, without having to make do with furniture or design work that isn't to your taste, you’ve come to the right place. 

Studios and flex spaces available at this business location can be altered to build your dream workspace the way you like it. Brimming with potential, these vacant work hubs are the golden standard of flex spaces!

Mix business with pleasure by balancing your work life with personal time at this central Soho location. Nearby are various haunts from where you can grab a latte, delicious lunch, or meet with others over a drink at swanky bars. 

Best for: businesses wanting an vacant space from where to build their empires

Outstanding features: the wide selection of office spaces available

You’ll love the potential of these offices; they’re blank canvases waiting to be filled


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £39 per week
  • Private offices from: £481 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 3 minute walk to rail.

These fun, colourful and trendy flex spaces will suit innovative startups and dedicated professionals. If you’re looking for an inspiring business home that differs from a traditional space, this could be it. 

Uniquely designed and well-sized, tenants can work from various areas, including bustling breakout spaces, a range of meeting rooms, a roof terrace and even a podcast studio equipped with cutting-edge technology for successful creation. 

Light-flooded areas, wide selection seating, splashes of greenery, and the open-aired terrace boasting incredible views are features that make office life at this enviable London address satisfying and memorable. You can even bring along your socialised pup as the office mascot!

Perfect your craft in a warm and creative hub filled with high-performing teammates.

Best for: creative startups or freelancers  

Outstanding features: roof terrace and snazzy podcast studio

You’ll love: the cool, dog-friendly setup and having the best of Soho on your doorstep


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £115 per week
  • Private offices from: £460 per week
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Great location - 3 minute walk to bus, 5 minute walk to rail.

Constructed in 1705, this building is one of the area’s oldest. The former home of the singer, Elizabeth Billington, the development boasts a rich and illustrious history and rich artistic heritage that can be seen today in the present spaces. 

The communal zone resembles a book scene; its elegant, enchanting, and majestic ambience invites users to take a seat, grab a coffee, read a newspaper, get lost in a good book, or engage in conversation. 

Spoilt for choice, prospective tenants can select from self-contained serviced spaces of varying size and arrangements are spread across three levels. These private suites, which come fully furnished and equipped with updated facilitates, allowing business urgently needing workspace to move without delay. 

Host staff meetings, catch up with clients or conduct Zoom meetings using the ground-floor meeting rooms for a nominal fee. 

Best for: small, large and medium-sized teams, you’re spoilt for choice with office spaces

Outstanding features:  fully-furnished offices powered by market-leading technology 

You’ll love: the warm and enchanting communal spaces and corporate meeting rooms appropriate for any work occasion.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £140 per week
  • Private offices from: £633 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 6 minute walk to rail.

Boxy offices and tiny cubicles don’t cut it for this Soho located office space. The design-led hub balances its striking and showy contemporary features with preserved period structures. 

If you want to work in a timelessly elegant workspace with an ornate fireplace and high ceiling, utilising fast internet and unfailingly good infrastructure, this office gem is not-to-be-missed. 

If first appearances are important, then this classic flex space’s aesthetics with a contemporary twist will rope you in. What will keep you there are the front-of-house and behind-the-scenes staff who provide exemplary support with friendly smiles. 

Its strategic location in the Soho District is another attractive drawcard. It’s the business home of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Saatchi & Saatchi, meaning you’re in the company of globally recognised companies. Additionally, surrounding the office are trendy bars and restaurants to meet for a drink or meal, meet with clients or unwind after a stressful day. 

Best for: small teams looking for an office upgrade

Outstanding features: ornate fireplace, high ceilings and timeless period pieces that add warm and character

You’ll love how stylish the workspaces are, perfectly suited to cosmopolitan professionals.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £150 per week
  • Private offices from: £276 per week
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Great location - 3 minute walk to bus, 3 minute walk to rail.

7 Carlisle Street is a work hub from where contemporary office designs complement its original features. The period establishment once operated as a safe space where The New Left, a radical political party of their heyday, met to debate crucial political matters. 

Today, the office is reserved for similar activities where different professionals come together to work, deliberate, create and share ideas to propel their business and careers into the future.

Although the space is a suitable headquarters for any company, it’s a massive drawcard for film, media and creative outlets because it’s where the world-famous 20th Century Fox studios are based. 

Having famous neighbours nearby is bound to inspire and motivate up-and-coming startups looking to blossom and reach new heights.

With subtle elements paying tribute to its past and the movie industry in place, a quirky, innovative working environment has been successfully created featuring state-of-the-art facilities. Working from a good looking and highly functional office won’t leave you wanting for anything during your stay!

Best for: flourishing film and media establishments
Outstanding features: the state-of-the art facilities and impressive meeting rooms

You’ll love having established companies surrounding you, inspiring you to achieve your professional goals


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: £135 per week
  • Private offices from: £1,347 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 4 minute walk to rail.

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