5 Benefits of Adding Meeting Rooms to Coworking Spaces

Chris Tambone | 16 November, 2023 | Est. reading time: 5 minutes
A group of people working in a coworking space
Meeting rooms in coworking spaces have experienced a rising demand in the United Kingdom in recent years. This reflects the need to build more spaces that accommodate such rooms. 

According to one report, this trend has prompted many businesses to incorporate meeting rooms into their workspaces. The trend is expected to pick up momentum with a projected 25% companies adopting this trend in the near future.

Meeting spaces facilitate physical gatherings for team members or clients. These rooms provide businesses with enhanced privacy, confidentiality, access to meeting equipment, and more valuable advantages. The increasing interest in these spaces amongst businesses is evident given these benefits.

For workspace owners, the growing trend for meeting offices presents a significant opportunity. Capitalizing on this trend can not only boost profit but also enhance the overall business image. This is why adding meeting offices to workspaces is a strategic move for workspace owners. 

Here are five compelling reasons why seizing this trend can be advantageous;

Attracts More Clients

Businesses often require private spaces for client meetings, presentations, and collaborative work. Meeting offices provide the privacy and confidentiality necessary for discussing sensitive business matters. It also provides access to the following essential meeting tools;

  • Audio Systems: Used to provide support to the members of a meeting for better voice quality. 
  • Video Conferencing Equipment: Allow participants to connect from different locations.
  • Whiteboards: Used to visualize ideas, jot down notes, and illustrate concepts during meetings.
  • Projectors: Enhance the effectiveness of presentations.

Well-equipped meeting rooms make coworking offices appeal to potential clients looking for a professional setting for their business requirements. This additional feature is a unique selling point for coworking spaces that sets them apart from competitors. 
The availability of meeting facilities can be a decisive factor for potential tenants when comparing different coworking spaces in the market

Increases Revenue

Given the rate at which inflation is rising in the UK, coworking owners are constantly under pressure to explore extra income sources. Meeting offices can play a vital role in this regard. As the demand for meeting spaces soars, coworking space owners can capitalize on this trend to increase their revenue streams. 

Beyond serving the needs of in-house tenants, meeting offices can be marketed to external clients. This additional income source helps owners remain financially resilient and adaptable to changing economic conditions. By offering well-equipped meeting offices, coworking spaces can not only retain their current tenants but also expand their client base and revenue.

Enhance Client Retention

Meeting offices, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities, are considered premium amenities by many clients. By providing such spaces, coworking space owners can enhance client retention. 

Clients are more likely to stick to a coworking space that offers the amenities they need, including high-quality meeting rooms. They prefer this rather than seeking a meeting room elsewhere. This convenience ensures that clients can access everything they require in one place, creating a sense of loyalty and satisfaction.

Caters to Diverse Needs

Picture this: your tenants face a sudden shortage of event space. What do you do in such a situation? Meeting offices come to the rescue!

Meeting offices are flexible areas capable of accommodating a variety of activities, including workshops, interviews, seminars, networking events, and more. With meeting spaces, coworking space owners can address diverse requirements and prevent scheduling conflicts. This adaptability enhances the convenience and flexibility of the coworking space experience.

A group of people discussing in coworking space

Promotes Professionalism & Collaboration

Meeting offices in a coworking space can significantly enhance the image of your business. A professionally designed meeting room creates a positive impression on your clients. Meeting in a professional and organized environment also reflects a dedication to delivering high standards.

Moreover, a well-designed meeting room can be a hub for collaborative efforts among coworking tenants. It provides a dedicated space for teams to brainstorm, strategize, and work together on projects. This collaborative atmosphere contributes to a dynamic and vibrant coworking community, attracting businesses that prioritize teamwork and synergy.

Adding meeting offices to office spaces benefits not only the workspace owners but also the clients. It provides them with professional, adaptable, and well-equipped spaces that meet diverse business needs. In return, you experience both enhanced client retention and additional income opportunities.

Meeting Room Styles That You Can Explore

The layout of your meeting space is also an important thing to consider. Every layout serves its unique purpose. Here are some of the most common meeting room layouts that you may consider:

1. Auditorium Style: This style is best for large events, such as a business conference. The style resembles those in theaters. Chairs are aligned in rows and there is a central stage for the speaker or presenter.

2. Boardroom Style: This style is commonly used in most meeting facilities. The setup includes a large table surrounded by chairs. This layout is best for executive meetings, board discussions, and any gathering requiring open discussions.

3. U-Shape Style: This layout is typically crafted for mid-sized meetings. As the name suggests, tables are arranged in the shape of the letter 'U'. In this style, participants have space for note-taking, and speakers can easily take turns at the center.

Make Your Space More Exciting with Meeting Offices

Unlock the full potential of your coworking spaces by incorporating meeting offices. They're not just a valuable addition; they're game-changers! These spaces not only provide a competitive edge but are also magnets for clients, allowing you to boost your revenue. 

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