What is an enterprise space?

An enterprise space is a type of managed office space that is customisable to suit the needs of larger teams. Sure, it’s a type of coworking or serviced office, but whilst many of us associate coworking spaces as a concept suitable for start-ups, freelancers and individual creatives, times are changing. We are living on the cusp of a new era of the way we will all do business and larger firms are beginning to notice the wealth of benefits linked with these dynamic workspaces.

These exclusive flexible offices give you access to personalised private spaces that can also provide valuable human connection, building a diverse and engaging collaborative culture. Imagine all the amenities your team gets to enjoy that you may not be able to provide if you opt for a conventional office, like a gym, game rooms, relaxation pods or end-of-trip facilities.

But the benefits of these spaces go beyond just the human factor. From a financial perspective, you are not required to sign a conventional commercial lease and instead can enjoy lower overhead costs and month-to-month rental flexibility. These flexible terms allow you to adapt the space as your business needs changes, like adding additional desks or booking meeting rooms as you need them. Only pay for what you need when you need it.

So, what does a flexible workspace look like for enterprises?

Ultimately it is a private office space within a coworking or serviced office environment, but this of course will look different for every company and their specific needs. For some, this may be a move-in ready office with signature designs and a standard array of amenities. For others it might be a space slightly more tailored to the businesses unique team and brand ethos, perhaps with communal lounge areas, work booths or maybe ‘thinklab’ brainstorm studios, the options are limitless.

Who are these big office spaces suitable for?

Maybe you’re looking to reduce density within your current office space to satisfy social distance regulations? Or perhaps you're making the switch back from COVID-19’s ‘working from home’ set up and want to offer employees satellite offices when and where they need them? Or you’re looking at new ways to improve innovation and diversity in your workspace? Whatever the reason you are not alone, you are joining millions of other large businesses who are discovering the immense benefits of this community-driven workspace culture.

Emergent Research expect that the world's coworking memberships will more than double from 1.6 million in 2017 to 3.8 million by the end of 2020 (Molla, 2017). And who will be the majority of these members we hear you ask? Large enterprises.

Here in Australia, we have helped firms such as Woolworths, Accenture and LG Electronics make the move to a flexible working environment and are seeing more and more enquiries from large businesses every day (Office Hub, 2018). Read how these businesses are finding this perfect blend of privacy and community within our Enterprises Spaces.

What are the benefits of flexspace for corporations?

Collaborative culture - Creatives and start-ups have long recognised the benefits of these innovative working spaces, building a connection to a diverse range of people, inspiring new ideas and real-life collaborations that breed good vibes and a positive mindset.

Perfect work-life balance for all employees - Offering a new age workspace where you can live, work and play, making it a buzzingly attractive working atmosphere for employees.

Flexibility - In this changing climate we are currently living in it has become apparent that we need to be able to adapt to change. Both for you, the business owner, with low overhead costs and month-to-month rental flexibility, but for your employees too, offering a flexible office environment for all.

A space that grows with you - Growth is essential for any successful enterprise, but it can be challenging to accommodate this change when it happens. With a flexible space such as an Enterprise Space with Office Hub, we can adapt, change and grow with you when you need it.

Health & Safety - In response to COVID-19 our workspace providers prioritize their health and safety standards giving your staff the confidence to move into a new and exciting exclusive office arrangement.

Read more about the benefits of these enterprise spaces and how they can be tailored to suit your team. As the world’s No 1 marketplace to search, tour and find your ultimate office why not start your hunt for your dream space now? Our enterprise team can work as your tenant rep across different markets world-wide or we can work closely together with your appointed representative if you have one.

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