In celebration of International Coffee Day, Office Hub decided to go on a tour around Sydney’s coworking landscape to experience their premium coffee offering.

With 3 billion cups of coffee enjoyed every day worldwide, coffee has ever been more popular. Particularly in Australia, we celebrate coffee unlike any other culture in the world and even created our own type of coffee: the flat white. Because of our love for quality brew and the line between work and home becoming more blurred than ever, it only makes sense that coworking spaces in Australia have been equipped with prime coffee facilities for their valued members. Home of a celebrated coffee and brunch-culture, Sydney’s coworking spaces offer plenty of barista-made, instagram-worthy, free-flowing coffee. Something that’s been a hot selling point for coworking down under since day one. At Office Hub we love a good coffee and we gladly walk a couple of extra blocks to get it, so we thought we would try some of the best coffee coworking has to offer to make one of the (minor?) essentials in your office search easier.

So grab a cup of your favourite brew, sit back and keep reading for a count-by-count description of our experience as Office Hub’s marketing team embarks on a highly caffeinated adventure around Sydney CBD.

Make your own coffee at JustCo on 175 Pitt Street in Sydney.

First stop: JustCo

For our morning coffee, we head to the Singaporean coworking giant, JustCo located on Pitt Street. Fairly new to the aussie coworking scene, JustCo came in hot with thousands of square metres of premium workspace. The open-plan space boasts a bright colour scheme and inviting community kitchen – which seems to be filling quickly as people start to show up for their morning caffeine kick. Fruit and snacks are provided and everyone stops in the kitchen for a chat. On all three floors JustCo has installed a premium coffee machine – and if you fancy a barista-made coffee along with brekkie, there’s a superb cafe conveniently located on the ground floor. It looks as though 10am is peak hour and we find a spot amidst all the action where we settle down with our coffee. Effortlessly, the chat starts flowing about all things marketing, digital and business growth. Almost too easily, as we forgot about the time and rush out the door for our next stop. A successful start to our journey, feeling refreshed after some caffeine, we get eager to continue our tour.

Directly there-after: WeWork

We proceed with our coffee adventure and make the quick walk to WeWork on Castlereagh Street. As someone who’s known for their free-flowing beverages, we had high expectations for this one. While the kitchen is massive and does include a coffee machine, WeWork clearly wants nothing but the best for its tenants. Which is why they’ve hired Nathaniel, a well-trained and friendly barista, between 8am and 2pm to prepare a cup of your favourite brew. He’s busy making coffee for all the members, but doesn’t even need to take their orders or grab their names – he’s got it memorised for all the regulars. We chat with Nathaniel for a bit, place our order and sit at the quirky pacman game table, enjoy our coffee and revel in the dynamic atmosphere of entrepreneurs and innovative businesses. 

Enjoying barista coffee at WeWork

Following an excellent barista-made coffee, we visit the golf simulator. At Office Hub we are huge golf fans (some more than others), so this facility definitely hits home. We could easily imagine the Office Hub team having a banter playing on the golf simulator, so besides the onsite barista, this is without a doubt an uber cool perk to this WeWork location. We wrap up our run of morning tours extremely thankful for the friendliness we’ve experienced thus far and excited to continue in the afternoon. 

Up next: WorkClub

International Coffee Day
Valentin at Work Club preparing espresso martinis

A nordic-inspired haven of coworking, WorkClub presents a premium offering running alongside the buzzing area of Barangaroo. When entering WorkClub, the first thing we spot is the bar stocked with high-end liquor, premium coffee machine and surrounded by luxurious leather bar stools. Agy, the dedicated concierge, welcomes us and tours us around the place revealing a sophisticated style filled with walnut bookshelves, antiques, oak finishes and a scandinavian ambience. We sit at the bar and start chatting to the alchemist, Valentin. A highly driven individual with an entrepreneurial spirit, working on starting his own business and credits WorkClub for providing him with an incredibly supportive community and the courage to go through with his dream business. Clearly the entrepreneurial spirit at WorkClub is infectious.

After a day full of coffees (and more to come) Valentin convinces us to try his specialty espresso martinis – and how could we say no to that? While he’s effortlessly mixing us the drinks he continues to share his extensive knowledge on his favourite cocktails and how to mix the perfect espresso martini. (Tip: the most important component of a flawless espresso martini lies in mixing it properly and using a quality coffee liquor) As we sit there sipping on the delicious espresso martinis and feeling like we’re in an episode of Mad Men, we end up wishing every Tuesday could look like this – great drinks and even better company. However, our coffee adventure hasn’t come to an end just yet and we finish the drinks, thank the amazing team for their hospitality and continue to our last stop on the list.

Ordering coffee at The Executive Centre in Barangaroo

Last but not least: TEC

We take a short stroll towards Barangaroo to pop in at The Executive Centre. Positioned in the Three International Towers, the space oozes exclusivity, elegant finishes and flooded with natural light. A smiling receptionist greets us and proceeds to escort us into the spacious kitchen area. As the heart and soul of the centre, it presents a buzzing atmosphere packed with a diverse group of people conducting casual meeting, chatting over a cup of their favorite brew or just enjoying some downtime on a busy Tuesday afternoon. Not even to mention, floor to ceiling windows reveal a breath-taking, jaw-dropping view of Sydney Harbour especially spectacular on this sunny day. We can understand why this is a popular spot for the community as a whole. The barista, Jimmy, takes our order and we chat about the famous Melburnian brand of beans they use for their coffee. The beans have been sourced from all over the world, and the coffee has a soothing flavour of stone fruit, caramel and dark chocolate – an incredible coffee blend to end the day on. We finish our coffee and wrap of the chat feeling rejuvenated (maybe a bit over caffeinated) and slightly sad that it’s over, we head back to the office.

Sipping on coffee at JustCo

Wrap up & reflection

After we wrapped up we started to reflect on our experience. Sure, all these coworking spaces have been equipped with top-notch coffee facilities in stunning design, source some of the best coffee beans in the world and even hire a friendly barista for unmatched service. Cool and definitely essential – More importantly, though, the people greeting us with a smile from ear to ear and the welcoming vibe was without a doubt the highlight of our day. We believe that the most important thing for a coworking centre is the buzzing community of positivity and the people in it providing the support necessary for you to thrive on a professional and personal level. The type of community which is provided at all four centres and that we are proud to partner with. While we enjoyed the superb coffee, we were most of all thrilled to have met with so many inspiring people – over a cup of exceptional coffee, nonetheless.

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