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Quick quotes & fast feedback, straight from the tenant

MyOfficeHub is a personalised portal designed to take the pain out of proposals and the niggles out of negotiations.

Take 30 seconds to lodge a bespoke quick quote and you’ll gain access to the tenant’s requirements so you can accept the lead and start negotiating, right there in MyOfficeHub.

With personalised Quick Quotes, it’s easier for tenants to share, compare and reach a deal on their favourite workspace, all in one place. Workspace owners are rewarded with insightful feedback straight back from the tenant including star ratings for tour experience, workspace presentation and value for money, where you rank among their shortlist and what you need to do to win the deal.

Win more deals and gain a better understanding of the ones you don’t – MyOfficeHub is here to transform the way you deal with tenants and brokers forever.

Exclusive partner benefits

MyOfficeHub was built to meet the needs of thousands of past customers who wanted a place to share, compare and bid on their favourite workspaces.

However, it was also tailored to provide more insight and information for workspace owners – this is the only portal in the world that allows you to exchange counter-offers, liaise directly with tenants and find out what they really think of your space and service.

How to manage a MyOfficeHub referral
How to manage a MyOfficeHub referral

Accept or reject the referral

Check your active enquiry pipeline and accept the lead, or reject if you have already toured or have a future tour booked for the same referral.

Add more detail to your proposal

You will then gain access to MyOfficeHub where you can see the tenant’s requirements as well as in-depth social and business profiling. Here, you can add more detail to your offer such as videos, images, suite number, services, outlook, dimensions and floor plans.

Submit a “Quick Quote”

Once you’ve accepted the lead, enter a “Quick Quote” with the proposed rent, term and number of desks. This will confirm that you have space aligned to their needs and we’ll allow the referred tenant to shortlist and compare their workspace options.

All offers are benchmarked

MyOfficeHub will confidentially collate everyone’s offers and benchmark the results to guide you through the next steps in your negotiations. You’ll see the average desk rate, term and number of desks across all offers, plus we’ll tell you where your deal ranks in price and preference.

Reviews and rankings straight from the tenant

Receive independent feedback from the tenant as they rank, rate and review your workspace. Learn what is working and what needs improvement and use the feedback to close deals, develop your space and enhance your business planning.

Important to know
Important to know

Accept or reject the referral

You can’t see other workspace’s proposals and they can’t see yours – only the tenant can see all their offers in one place, while you’re guaranteed complete confidentiality in every aspect.

Guide quotes

Don’t worry – MyOfficeHub offers aren’t legally binding. The quick quotes simply give tenants an accurate guide to the best offers from each operator as they narrow down their options.

Book a MyOfficeHub training session

Reserve a training slot to help your team get to grips with MyOfficeHub – we’ll run you through everything there is to know so your team can manage leads with ease.

Not a partner yet?

Tell us about your space and we’ll call you for a free no obligation consultation about becoming a Workspace Partner.
MyOfficeHub FAQs
When you accept a lead from Office Hub, you will receive a personalised MyOfficeHub URL for the unique tenant. In one click, you can log straight in (no passwords, no fuss) and check out the latest with the tenant. You can even share the link with your team so you’ll all be on the same page about every tenant.
In MyOfficeHub, you’ll see a button at the bottom of your shortlisted listing saying “Make Offer” – simply click here and go through the steps to filling out your quick quote. You’ll need to outline the estimated start date, number of workstations, monthly rate and any incentives as well as other details that may apply. They’re simply guide offers and they’re not legally binding, so you don’t need to worry too much – the aim is to provide a quick and easy guide to help the tenant make the best decision for their needs.
Sure can – when you lodge a deal, there is the option to offer a percentage discount, free months or a lump sum discount. In the smart system, the discounts are automatically applied as you go so you can see what the final rates are before you submit the offer.
Sit tight as the tenant has been notified and is likely comparing your offer against others or sharing it with the rest of their team. During this time, you will gain access to the tenants’ feedback so you know what their concerns are if they don’t accept straight away. The tenant can either accept, decline or come back to you with a counter-offer.
Yes – the tenant can lodge offers and counter-offers just like you can. They will usually only be able to enter the first offer if you have provided them with a paper proposal or guide pricing during the tour. You will then need to review and either accept, decline or go back with a counter offer – and the negotiations begin. Each party is notified when a new offer is submitted, there’s a message section so you can explain your terms and contact details are provided so you can speak to the tenant directly to speed things up.
As soon as you submit an offer, you’ll gain access to the tenant’s feedback. There are four star ratings for which the tenant can award you 1-5 stars – the categories are overall interest, value for money, workspace presentation and tour experience. You’ll be shown how many workspaces you’re competing against, where you rank in price and an overall ranking of how your stars add up against the other workspaces. You’ll also see a Deal Benchmark – the average monthly price, average number of desks and average term across all the offers the tenant has received.
No, deals cannot be confirmed in MyOfficeHub as they are simply offers – nothing is legally binding until license agreements are signed by both parties. However, MyOfficeHub helps get the ball rolling – as soon as an offer is accepted by either party, the deal is just inches away and Office Hub will aim to halt all further negotiations with other workspaces. If you are authorised to issue license agreements, do so as soon as your MyOfficeHub offer is accepted to avoid missing out on the deal. If you are not authorised (as in most cases), Office Hub will already be drawing up the agreements for you which will be sent electronically to both parties.

Yep – simply click into “Update Deal” and scroll down to the section called Workspace Consultant Details where you can add and remove consultants in your team either manually or using a dropdown box that pulls from the MyOfficeHub contacts for your space. If you add them, they’ll be notified the same as you as the tenant progresses through their search. You can also forward the direct URL to your team members if you simply want to share the information without adding them to the notifications.

If you’ve got a different office suite or another location that could work for the tenant, go into Update Deal and at the bottom you’ll see the Add Another Deal/Location button. Simply click this to clone your current offer then go in and update the details of the new offer.
Of course – there is a message box in MyOfficeHub for precisely this reason! Add your thoughts, explain your offer or ask for help – we want the deal to happen for you just as much as you do. And remember, we’re always at the end of the phone or waiting eagerly for an email – any time you need help, simply reach out and we’ll support you every step of the way.
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