Space Planning Guideline for the Right Area-to-Person Ratio

James Brockway | 24 June, 2024 | Est. reading time: 5 minutes
Finding the right coworking space can greatly enhance a person's productivity and networking opportunities.
A well-calculated coworking space size can foster a conducive and optimal environment for tenants. It also aids in cost reduction, benefiting both workspace providers and tenants.
These positive results stress the importance of understanding how much area per person for coworking space to allot.

Precise size calculations are crucial for setting up a coworking space. Fortunately, we've crafted a guide to assist you in determining the ideal space per person and overall. Keep reading to discover pro tips to calculate the optimal size of office space you need.

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Office Space Calculator: Your #1 Ally for Accurate Measurements

An office space calculator is a tool designed to estimate the dimensions of the workspace you plan to establish. It aids in strategically arranging workstations, facilities, equipment, and furniture, ensuring an optimal and efficient working environment.

Other than measuring how much area per person for coworking space you need, certain office space calculators can also assist you in computing the carbon footprint emitted by your workspace. This calculation lets you minimise the carbon footprint, fostering a more eco-friendly workplace.

Above all these, the most significant advantage of an office space calculator is that it aids in crafting an effective budget plan. This tool helps eliminate budget constraints and the unwanted costs often associated with careless space planning.
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4 Factors to Consider When Calculating the Area-to-Person Ratio

Getting the right office space measurement ensures an optimal work environment. Here are the factors to consider when planning how much work area per person you should allocate;

1. Nature of Work

Businesses require various workspace sizes per person. For instance, IT companies need a larger workstation for their employees, as they usually use multiple monitors or devices. On the other hand, a customer service representative can work in a normal-sized workspace since their work does not require multiple equipment.

Considering the nature of work is crucial when measuring the ideal area per person in a coworking space. Giving them the right space helps them achieve more productivity and comfort at work. It also helps them move and connect with other coworkers easily.

2. Equipment and Furniture

When determining how much area per person for coworking space you should allot, it's essential to plan for the inclusion of equipment and furniture. Workspace owners should adhere to a general rule of providing only necessary items for tenants' operations. Avoid superfluous and non-functional decor or materials that consume valuable space.

Moreover, it's crucial to focus on the type of furniture used in the workspace. Opting for ergonomic furniture is essential, as it enhances work productivity, alleviates muscle fatigue, and eradicates musculoskeletal disorders.

Recognised a tip yet? Keep reading to discover more pro tips on determining how much area is needed for a coworking space.

Increasingly, freelancers and small businesses are opting for coworking spaces due to their flexibility and community atmosphere.

3. Objectives

Consider business objectives like cost reduction and future expansion when calculating the size of your future workspace. This careful planning makes your workspace a smart and attractive option for businesses or individuals looking for a potential workspace.

However, it's essential to balance the consideration of business objectives without compromising the quality of your workspace. Ensure that you meet your objectives while maintaining a comfortable and productive workspace.

4. Law

Compliance with the law is crucial when calculating your future workspace size. The National Construction Code of Australia recommends a minimum of 10 square meters per person in an office space.

Following these regulations ensures employee comfort and convenience. Additionally, staying compliant with such laws ensures that your workspace meets legal standards, preventing potential legal issues.

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Recommended Size of an Office Space per Person

Make the right decisions today by precisely calculating your needed space for your coworking office. Here’s an expert guide on how much area per person for coworking space and private offices is required;

Number of EmployeesGeneral Office
(based on 12-14 sqm per person)
Private Office
(based on 14-20 sqm per person)
1-10max. of 140 sqmmax. of 200 sqm
11-50132 - 700 sqm154 - 1000 sqm
50 and above600+ sqm700+ sqm
The measurements above offer insights into the question, “What’s the average size of a coworking space?” for small, medium, and large businesses. It's essential to note that measurements for private spaces tend to be more generous in size, given that this office solution is generally more expensive than shared spaces.

Discover Your Ideal Workspace Today!

Understanding how much area per person for coworking space, you should allot is vital for both workspace providers and potential tenants. Precise calculations help maximise the space's functionality and potential profit gains.

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