Shared Office Space 101s: How Do Shared Workspace Makes Profit!

Steve Stenson | 3 February, 2024 | Est. reading time: 5 minutes
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As working remotely is becoming common, shared workspaces continue to grow in popularity, particularly after the pandemic. The question arises, “Is shared office space profitable?”

In the past few years, shared office spaces have become a booming industry. Their profitability lies in their unique ability to cater to the diverse needs of businesses while fostering a collaborative and flexible work environment.
In this comprehensive exploration, we'll uncover various avenues to answer “Is shared office space profitable,” and contribute to the success of both providers and occupants.

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How Shared Workspaces Make Profits

Why are coworking spaces profitable? Here are the tools they use;

Hotdesking and Dedicated Desk Rental

We might have answered, “Is shared office space profitable,” but we have yet to analyse why. One reason could be hot desks and dedicated desks.

Shared office spaces are experts in maximising their square footage. They offer a range of desk options, including hotdesking and dedicated desks, which cater to the varying requirements of businesses. Hotdesking allows transient workers to occupy available desks as needed, while dedicated desks offer a more permanent workspace solution.

Providers charge a fee for each desk, ensuring that every inch of the workspace contributes to profitability. This flexibility benefits businesses by reducing overhead costs and allows shared space providers to utilise their resources and generate steady revenue streams efficiently.

By Leveraging Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms

Now, you may ask, “Why choose shared office space to rent out my space?”

Shared office spaces often feature fully-equipped meeting rooms and conference facilities that businesses can rent on a flexible basis. These spaces are in high demand for client presentations, team meetings, and workshops, providing shared space providers with an additional stream of income.

They charge fees for room rentals, audiovisual equipment, and catering services. This diversification of offerings ensures that meeting rooms and conference facilities remain in high demand, enhancing profitability for shared office spaces. If you have an empty office space ready to be rented out to businesses that need it, there can be no better reason to do so!

Organising Events and Workshops

Shared office spaces are more than just places to work; they are thriving communities that encourage networking and continuous learning. To capitalise on this, space providers actively promote the organisation of events, workshops, and seminars within their premises, and that’s how coworking space make money. 

These events not only enrich the workspace experience but also serve as significant sources of revenue. Shared spaces charge fees for;

  1. Event space rental
  2. Audiovisual equipment usage
  3. Catering services

Hosting such events also attracts external attendees, exposing the space to potential new clients and fostering a sense of community that keeps tenants coming back for more.

Want to know the Secret to Profitibilty?

If you're venturing into the world of shared office space rentals, you're in for an exciting journey filled with potential profit. Let’s uncover the tips you need to have a better grasp on the answer to, “Is shared office space profitable?”

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Make the Most of Your All-inclusive Package Costs

Efficiency is the name of the game for maximising profitability in shared office spaces. Start by carefully managing your all-inclusive package costs. High operating costs can eat into your profit margins, making it essential to keep them in check. As your coworking space business gains traction, you should be generating baseline profits from the revenue. 

The key lies in striking a balance between offering comprehensive amenities to attract clients and ensuring that your operating costs remain reasonable. This way, you can boost your bottom line while delivering value to your tenants.

Expansion of Your Coworking Space

As your coworking space business flourishes and generates more revenue, seize the opportunity to expand your operations. Consider investing your increasing profits into the expansion of your coworking space.

This expansion can take various forms, from adding new in-house features to opening additional locations in different areas. Expanding your offerings caters to a broader range of clients and strengthens your market presence. It's a strategic move that can significantly contribute to long-term profitability.

Minimise CPAEX Costs Through Smart Design

Efficiently managing CPAEX begins with the initial design phase of your shared office space. Start by assessing your actual office space requirements. Understand the specific needs of the businesses likely to opt for your space. 

You can avoid spending on extra space or unnecessary amenities by tailoring your offerings to align with your client's demands. This proactive approach helps you create a cost-effective and attractive workspace for potential tenants.

Tips to Minimize CPAEX

  • Client Needs Assessment: Conduct thorough interviews or surveys with potential clients to identify their space and amenity requirements. This knowledge will guide your design decisions.
  • Modular Spaces: Create flexible, modular spaces that adapt easily to different business needs. This reduces the need for costly renovations when accommodating new tenants.
  • Usage Tracking: Implement usage tracking systems to monitor space and amenity utilisation. This data can help you decide on resource allocation and future investments.

In the End…

We believe this guide has answered all your questions, from “Why choose shared office space,” to “Is shared office space profitable?” If you want to know more about shared office spaces, contact Office Hub for more information and insights about coworking spaces!

Moreover, if you are a business owner looking for shared office space all over Australia, Office Hub is the solution. From Perth to Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, we offer a range of office spaces just for you!

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