Melbourne's Top Coworking Spaces With End-of-Trip Facilities

With Melbourne going through yet another lockdown, Melburnians are hitting the pavement, maximising their time outdoors and relying on nature to stay sane.

Getting fit and healthy has become a priority for some people wanting to strike a healthy work-life balance and nurture their mental health. 

As we know, lockdowns don’t go on forever, and eventually, a semblance of normality will return. When that time comes, don’t you want to find an office that accounts for your (new-found) active lifestyle with end-of-trip facilities?

We’ve compiled the top Melbourne spaces offering end of trip facilities for cyclists, runners or anyone who exercises before or during work.

A daily dose of exercise provides you with the energy you need to tackle work challenges. 

Freshen up after a long cycle using the facilities at this premium workspace before grabbing a cappuccino at Coffee Logic, the onsite cafe. 

Beyond feeling fresh after exercise, tenants love this coworking hub because it’s an eclectic mix of cool, creative and professional. This flex space accommodates all working styles and needs in airy communal spaces, fitted-out meeting rooms, and various seating areas.

Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: A$127 per week
  • Private offices from: A$299 per week
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Great location - 6 minute walk to bus, 5 minute walk to rail.

A healthy work environment provides necessary amenities to promote worker wellbeing. After a stressful year-and-a-half (and counting), every professional requires an office space that caters to their lifestyle requirements.

580 Collins Street has ample bike storage and shower facilities for tenants who cycle to work or like lunchtime rides. Arrive at work every day knowing your bike will be safe and that you won’t stink out of the office.

Located in the heart of the CBD, this flex space is minutes from gyms and other wellness facilities for indoor-based workouts. 

Fast-internet, modern furniture and loads of breakout space and other top-shelf infrastructure add convenience and enjoyment to the average workday. 

Beyond the everyday conveniences, businesses can pitch their game-changing ideas to potential investors and make their dreams a reality.

Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: A$46 per week
  • Private offices from: A$138 per week
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Great location - 3 minute walk to bus, 4 minute walk to rail.

What makes the workspace fun and fitting for you? Is it the company, the location, or the perks that make your workload lighter and efficient?

If you’ve upped the ante on your fitness, perhaps an office that satisfies these requirements with end-of-trip facilities works for you?

31 Queen Street indulges all these demands and more. Shower facilities and bike racks are included in rental packages for office workers who work up a sweat in their spare time. The Yarra River and other magnificent landmarks are close by for walks, jogs, and cycles in nature. 

Light-filled breakout zones provide an upbeat ambience to work away from your desks, meet like-mind folk or relax between meetings. You’ll find a diverse bunch of disruptors, innovators and accelerating companies sitting within the space. 

Beautiful boardrooms and facilities offer the perfect spaces to meet clients and impress them with the professional setup.

Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: A$163 per week
  • Private offices from: A$524 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 8 minute walk to rail.

Excellent shower facilities at this work address make it possible to strike the ideal work-life balance. Store your bicycle out of the way on the bike rack and pick it up after a successful workday. 

Other top-notch facilities that improve work-life include high-speed WIFI, receptionist services, administrative support, and more. 

You’ll also find that this flexible workspace bridges the gap between contemporary and professional, providing modern serviced offices interspersed with vibrant common areas for casual conversation, collaboration and networking.

Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: A$184 per week
  • Private offices from: A$224 per week
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 9 minute walk to rail.

Working out is valuable for employee wellbeing, and a happier workforce is more productive. If your team is into fitness, why not set up at this address? 280 St Kilda Road has excellent end-of-trip facilities that rejuvenate sweaty workers after a workout. 

Nearby are tranquil destinations like the Royal Botanical Gardens, perfect for a stress-relieving run or walkabout. 

Elegant and light-filled rooms overlooking views of St Kilda create a stimulating, procrastination-free work environment from which to buckle down when playtime is over.

Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: A$85 per week
  • Private offices from: A$90 per week

Colourful, bright and zingy, this flex space is ideal for businesses of all sizes and styles, particularly those who value sleek, stylish and professional work environments. 

End-of-trip facilities come part and parcel of highly generous rental packages featuring showers and bike storage units. Avoid the traffic and reduce your carbon footprint by hopping on your bike instead.  Arrive at the office and get ready for the day ahead with a luxuriating shower. 

Following a couple of uninterrupted hours of work and meetings, make time for a game of foosball. These and other game facilities provided hard-earned entertainment and stress relief on hectic workdays. 

If the games get rather strenuous, freshen up with a quick rinse before heading back to work.

Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: A$61 per week
  • Private offices from: A$309 per week
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Great location - 5 minute walk to bus, 4 minute walk to rail.

Make time in the morning for you, minus stressful work commutes by making your way to work on foot or bike. 

Save money, petrol, breathe fresh air and start your day positively without dense traffic or bad drivers dampening your mood. 120 Spencer Street has modern showers, changing rooms and dedicated bike racks for your ultimate comfort and convenience. 

After a quick shower, high-ceilinged, art-filled interiors greet you as you step inside your creative coworking hub. Hydrate with a complimentary refreshment and enjoy an energy-fueled workday.

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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 2 minute walk to rail.

This unbeatable business location boasts excellent end-of-trip facilities that are suitable for fitness fanatics, budding environmentalists, and travelling corporates.

You can take a shower at this work address after a long business trip or serious morning exercise before work.

This flex space has other top amenities designed to provide comfort and security to the lives of employees and visitors, including business lounges, boardrooms and meeting spaces. 

Views across the city of the bay, botanical gardens and surrounds provide workers with uplifting scenery to boost productivity.

This flex space is designed for dynamic professionals who lead active lifestyles and love modern and contemporary things. Look forward to a hot shower at work after a strenuous bout of exercise before securing your bicycle on the bike racks. 

Start your day inside a creative workspace packed with cool breakout areas, great meeting rooms, boardrooms and more.

Price Guide

  • Private offices from: A$140 per week
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Great location - 4 minute walk to bus, 8 minute walk to rail.

Are you not looking for just any pretty coworking space but one with the “wow factor”? This flex space has a laundry list of excellent perks, facilities and features, including end-of-trip facilities for runners, cyclists, frequent flyers or anyone needing a restorative shower.

Rooms cloaked in natural light, a unique combination of private offices and coworking areas, plus cutting-edge infrastructure, put this distinctive flex space ahead of its competition. 

Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: A$85 per week
  • Private offices from: A$5,767 per week
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Great location - 5 minute walk to bus, 9 minute walk to rail.

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