What is the Concept of Serviced Office: An Expert Industry Guide

Steve Stenson | 2 February, 2024 | Est. reading time: 5 minutes
Serviced offices provide ready-to-use workspaces with included amenities, simplifying business operations.
You may wonder whether a serviced office is anything more than an office space that provides a tad bit more assistance to businesses looking for flexible spaces. In actuality, it is so much more! The question, “What is the concept of serviced office,” can be answered in so many ways!

In 2022 alone, creative and classic serviced offices combined accounted for nearly 28% of all available workspace listings in Sydney. This surpassed the 8.7% allocated to conventional workspaces. As businesses reap the many benefits of a serviced office space, rising startups need to consider the concept of a serviced office for their growth.

Wondering, “What is the concept of serviced office?” Keep reading!

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What is the Concept of Serviced Office: Let’s Get Straight to It!

A serviced office is not just a flexible space. It is a comprehensive solution put together in a way that benefits entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies that are already working with fully equipped workspaces.

What is the concept of serviced office? The concept revolves around the idea of a flexible and hassle-free work environment that helps businesses focus on their core activities. This allows them to save time as the bulk of the management can be taken care of by the third-party provider.

A serviced office would ideally offer a business state-of-the-art technology, ergonomic furniture, high-speed internet, utilities, administrative support, and often 24/7 access! What sets it apart from conventional offices is the all-inclusive nature of the services. Companies that choose serviced offices can escape the hassle of setting up and maintaining a traditional office as well as looking for several third-party providers for necessary amenities such as the internet, the furniture, and much more!

So, what is a fully serviced office? In short, it is much more than a space. It includes a variety of services such as reception support, mail handling, IT infrastructure, and the ideal workplace environment that nurtures networking, collaboration, and growth.

This model also makes it much easier for businesses to scale. With no real long-term commitments or upfront costs, this concept perfectly aligns with the evolving needs of businesses in the 21st century. 

Top 4 Benefits of a Serviced Office Space

Why serviced office space? Here are some of the top benefits of a serviced office space you can expect;

Designed for Flexibility

Do you want your workers to experience the full benefits of a serviced office space through its flexibility and agility? Want them to be able to move around when they want and not to get tired of their desk and chair before the month is up? Consider serviced office spaces!

Serviced office spaces go beyond the ordinary by offering an environment that infuses thoughtful design and ergonomic furniture. This emphasis on aesthetics and comfort allows you to go beyond the confines of the mundane conventional workspaces you’ve known for years. It can inspire creativity and contribute to the overall well-being of your workforce.

Reap the Benefits of the 21st Century

The best way to reap the benefits of the 21st century is by keeping up with the times. The 21st century demands transitions from most businesses that have them asking, “What is the concept of a serviced office” in an effort to pick the ideal space for their company. 

The best space is one that provides your business with cutting-edge technology integration. Technology is of the utmost importance, and an infrastructure that supports speed is one that can allow your business to grow at a much faster rate. 

Technology is not the only necessity for modern businesses. Serviced office spaces also allow for amenities that can be financially and logistically difficult to implement otherwise. As technology integrates with the workforce, it offers operational efficiency, providing businesses with a competitive edge in the market. 

Still asking, “Why serviced office space?” Keep reading to learn more!

Vibrant Collaborative System

Serviced offices foster a collaborative environment where people from different industries can come together and coexist. This environment leads to many out-of-the-box solutions that would not have been possible otherwise.

All of this is made possible through inclusivity and the organic networking potential within these spaces. It allows for innovation in more ways than ever seen before. 

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Hub of Inspiration

Serviced offices aren’t just workplaces. They are hubs of inspiration. This is where thoughtful design, advanced technology, and a collaborative spirit converge to redefine traditional office spaces. In serviced office spaces, innovation is always welcome!

Inspiration is healthy for businesses. It means that if a worker gets stuck, the environment encourages them to explore more than one solution. This would eventually allow them to become efficient resources with worthy contributions to the industry. 

How Do I Choose a Serviced Office?

Here are some of the steps you can follow;

Step 1: Identify Your Requirements

Quite like a trusted guide on a journey, your requirements can act as a compass that allows you to stay on track! It is essential to outline your business requirements before you move on to choosing one. This includes the size of the space you require, the number of workstations, the meeting room facilities, and any other amenities to consider.

Step 2: Look for the Right Location

The right location can make all the difference. Choose a location that is nearer to your clients and also transport so that your workers can commute with ease. Consider the accessibility of the location, the amenities, and the overall appeal of the area.

Step 3: Set the Rules

Restrict your search by setting a budget. This would ideally encompass not just the rent but also the additional costs such as utilities and maintenance. This is much easier with a serviced office space because all the services are all-inclusive.

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Step 4: Trial and Error

Test the spaces before you go on to making the final choice. Schedule a tour and meet with the management team to gauge whether it is the right fit. This firsthand experience can help you understand the environment and see if it aligns with your needs.

Step 5: Reviews

Look for reviews online to help you make a better decision. Online reviews on third-party websites can provide an honest depiction of whether the provider is a trustworthy source.

How Much is Serviced Office Space Per Square Metre

The price per square meter of land in Sydney was 1,897 AUD as of 2022. With more companies moving to hybrid work models, flexible office spaces are becoming an ideal choice. They can cut costs and allow you to escape the expensive leases, switching to a much more budget-friendly option. 


Now that we have answered, “What is the concept of serviced office,” there is only one thing left to do. You may be wondering, “Which office space provider should I trust?” Office Hub can help!

Looking for listings in specific locations in Australia? Here are listings for some of the most popular coworking locations all over Australia;

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