The Coolest Coworking Spaces in Perth for a Healthier Environment

Yarden Silva | 28 June, 2024 | Est. reading time: 5 minutes
creative coworking spaces perth
Well-designed workspaces foster a healthier and more productive environment. These office environments help employees perform to their best potential and attain job satisfaction. The good news is that you can achieve all these things with one office solution: creative coworking space, Perth.

In this blog, we curated a list of the most creative coworking spaces, Perth, that can help you achieve a more productive workflow and healthier work-life balance. Dive in and explore the unique capabilities of coworking spaces in Perth!

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What Does a Coworking Space Need to Have a Health Environment?

Anyone can create a coworking space, but not everyone can transform it into a healthy workplace. No need to worry! We’ve outlined the key pointers for you to consider to establish a healthy workspace.

Here are seven core concepts for a healthy workplace according to the International Well Building Institute;

  1. Air: Ensure that the space is well-ventilated and free from pollutants.
  2. Water: Provide safe drinking water to your employees and encourage them to take the right amount to maintain a healthy mind and body.
  3. Nourishment: Raise your team’s awareness of the importance of evaluating the food they eat.
  4. Light: Optimise office lighting design to prevent eye strain.
  5. Fitness: Integrating wellness facilities or events can help your team maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Comfort: Use ergonomic furniture to promote good posture and comfort.
  7. Mind: Beef up your office design to improve employee wellbeing.

Implementing these seven concepts can help you achieve a healthy coworking environment. Continue reading to discover the best creative coworking spaces, Perth for healthier work environments.

Creative Coworking Space, Perth: 5 Top Picks!

Your search ends here! Here are some of the coolest coworking spaces in Pert that are perfect for creative minds;

meeting_roomAvailable Offices 8 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 50 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$153 to A$24,999

Glitz and glamour are the face of this creative coworking space, Perth. The entire Officenexus Co-working space is adorned with a clever mix of neutral, nude, and green accents. The radiance from its ample supply of natural and artificial lights further enhances the sophistication.

But Officenexus is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about striking a balance between productivity and work-life balance. It boasts many workspace features, such as high-end facilities and business support services, perfect for optimising your daily workflows. Breakout areas are also within reach for you to rest after work.

What’s more? Officenexus is conveniently located near some top-notch gyms in Perth, ideal for achieving your fitness and wellness goals. Grandstand Crossfit and Dohertys Gym are highly recommended facilities to explore. Indeed, Officenexus makes work-life balance achievable!

10 mins walkArt Centre
7 mins walkMcIver Train Station
22 mins walkPerth Airport (PER)
meeting_roomAvailable Offices 1 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 1 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$83 to A$496

Perfect for businesses of all sizes, this creative coworking space, Perth, boasts an active and supportive community. Spacecubed, a go-to coworking venue in Saint Georges Terrace, is known for its diverse community of like-minded individuals. No wonder collaborations are popping up everywhere in this coworking space.

Moreover, this contemporary-designed workspace offers well-tailored collaborative areas. Consider enjoying conducive and smooth conversations with your coworkers in these dedicated spaces. If you want a more private and peaceful setting, well-equipped boardrooms are also around the corner.

The options don’t end there! Various bars and coffee shops situated near this professional coworking space, Perth allow you to treat your coworkers to a hot, aromatic coffee from Community Coffee or Joey Zaza’s. Lalla Rookh or Jade Girl are also within reach if you want to treat them with some alcoholic drinks. The choice is yours!

1 min walkSt Georges Tce After Barrack St Westbound
7 mins walkElizabeth Quay
159 mins walkPerth Airport (PER)
meeting_roomAvailable Offices 8 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 8 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$100 to A$3,381

This creative coworking space, Perth embodies the adage “simplicity is beauty”.  The black-and-white workspace of Regus at Havelock Street is equipped with ergonomic chairs and desks, ensuring comfort and wellness while working.

Flexibility is also another remarkable feature of Regus. It offers flexible rental plans, enabling you to be more adaptable when it comes to the changes in the business landscape. It also operates 24/7, making it perfect for individuals with non-traditional work schedules.

Want to treat yourself to some mouthwatering meals after work? Simple Italian Cucina Pizzeria is just a short drive away from Regus. Some must-try Italian dishes are their pizzas, bruschetta, and calamari.

Do you want to ask more questions about these coworking spaces in Perth? Please don’t hesitate to send us a message. Keep reading to discover more amazing coworking desks for lease in Perth!

5 mins walkMurray St Gordon Street Red Cat 21
7 mins walkCity West
26 mins walkPerth Airport (PER)
meeting_roomAvailable Offices 5 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 15 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$100 to A$16,600

“Elegance” is the first word that will surely come to your mind when you see this creative coworking space, Perth. The Executive Centre boasts stylish and premium fit-outs perfect for businesses looking for a luxurious experience.

High-end technologies await you at The Executive Centre. These technologies can help you optimise your work models, making them more efficient than before. They also include a friendly admin staff ready to assist you with your business needs.

Moreover, The Executive Centre is ideal for working parents seeking a place to spend quality time with their family. The renowned Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park is just a few minutes from Regus. Prepare to enjoy fun-filled activities like boardwalks and aerial walkways!

2 mins walkSt Georges Tce Stand B E - Before William St
3 mins walkPerth Underground
25 mins walkPerth Airport (PER)

Let’s wrap up our list of creative coworking spaces, Perth with one that offers the most affordable option. Located within the bustling street of Bulwer, Carbon Group offers high-speed internet access, well-equipped meeting rooms, well-secured storage facilities, and more amazing amenities at affordable rates!

Apart from its budget-friendly rental packages, this creative coworking space, Perth is also a perfect spot for those who ride a car or cycle to work. The building where Carbon Group is situated offers ample parking spaces and bike storage facilities. You don’t also have to worry about the safety of your vehicle as these facilities are well-secured by the management.

Furthermore, Carbon Group is a savvy option for individuals seeking sporting activities after work. The Robertson Park Tennis Centre is just a few blocks away from Carbon Group, offering the opportunity to engage in thrilling tennis matches with your team or colleagues.

Apart from these creative coworking options, you might also be interested in exploring more coworking spaces in Perth for your business. Happy browsing!

1.7 mins walkFitzgerald St After Bulwer St
21.8 mins walkCity West
32.7 mins walkPerth Airport (PER)

Be Part of the Creative Coworking Community Today!

Creative coworking space, Perth is undeniably a perfect hub for those looking to boost their creativity and productivity. But what’s truly remarkable about these spaces is their overflowing opportunities for a healthier work-life balance.
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