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Angeline Suriaatmaja | 8 July, 2024 | Est. reading time: 5 minutes
best serviced office in canberra
The concept of best-serviced offices in Canberra has come a long way since its inception in the late 20th century. What started as a flexible office solution primarily catering to small businesses and entrepreneurs has evolved into a dynamic and indispensable part of the modern business landscape.

Canberra, as the capital of Australia and a hub of political and economic activity, boasts an array of top-notch serviced office providers. Each provider has carved a niche for themself, offering distinct advantages tailored to diverse business needs.

This guide will delve into the best serviced offices in Canberra and show why they stand out, helping you make an informed decision for your business.

A Little Overview Of Its History!

But before we explore these contemporary office solutions, let's rewind and trace the roots of serviced offices. The concept emerged in the 1960s and gained popularity in the 1980s, primarily in major cities like London and New York.

It was a response to the evolving demands of businesses for more flexible and cost-effective workspace solutions. The best serviced office in Canberra in the 20th century typically offered an alternative to the traditional office lease, providing businesses with fully furnished, equipped, and professionally managed spaces on flexible terms.

Fast forward to today, these best serviced offices in Canberra have become synonymous with convenience, professionalism, and adaptability. Serviced offices cater to a broad spectrum of businesses, from startups and freelancers to multinational corporations seeking a flexible and agile approach to their office needs.

Sneak Peak Into The Best-Serviced Offices in Canberra

Let’s embark on a journey through some of Canberra's finest serviced office providers and discover how they can elevate your business operations and image.

meeting_roomAvailable Offices 6 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 8 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$100 to A$7,279

Why Servcorp?

Servcorp offers more than just office space; it provides a prestigious business address in the heart of Canberra's central business district. Imagine having your business associated with this prime location. Beyond the address, Servcorp's best-serviced offices in Canberra are elegantly furnished and equipped to the highest standards.

Their professional support staff ensures seamless operations, giving you more time to focus on your business. If making a significant impression on clients and partners is essential to your business, Servcorp is the perfect choice for a serviced office in Canberra that exudes professionalism and success.

9 mins walkLondon Cct opp City Police Station
12 mins walkCanberra Civic Coach Stop West Row
11 mins walkCanberra Airport (CBR)
meeting_roomAvailable Offices 7 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 16 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$96 to A$15,452

Why Haven Workspaces? 

Haven Workspaces understands the diverse needs of modern businesses. Their location at 73 Northbourne Avenue provides a contemporary and adaptable workspace environment. Here, you can customise your choice of best serviced office Canberra to align with your unique requirements.

The central location ensures easy access for your team and clients, while the high-quality amenities guarantee a productive workday. Haven Workspaces is the go-to choice if you're seeking the best-serviced office in Canberra that accommodates your present needs and is flexible enough to grow with your business.

Depending on your client's location or specific requirements, you can explore various options for serviced offices. To find more listings for the best serviced office spaces in Canberra, check out Canberra serviced office listings available on Office Hub today!

2.7 mins walkJolimont Tourist Centre
3.6 mins walkAlinga Street light rail station
21.2 mins walkCanberra Airport (CBR)
meeting_roomAvailable Offices 8 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 40 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$96 to A$13,766

Why Regus?

Regus is a globally recognised name in the serviced office industry, and its serviced offices Canberra at 15 Moore Street live up to its reputation. Regus offers flexibility with lease options, allowing your business to scale efficiently.

You can enjoy the perfect expansion strategy with access to a network of global Regus locations. If you're seeking trusted and well-established, best serviced offices in Canberra that provide a global reach, Regus is the answer to your growing business needs.

2 mins walkJolimont Tourist Centre
2 mins walkJolimont Tourist Centre
15 mins walkCanberra Airport (CBR)
meeting_roomAvailable Offices 7 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 18 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$2,199 to A$13,127

Workclub, situated at 224 Bunda Street, offers a flexible and vibrant workspace environment in the heart of Canberra. Their private offices are designed with comfort and functionality in mind, allowing you to focus on your work.

Access to amenities and a supportive community of professionals add to the appeal. If you value a dynamic workspace where you can network and collaborate with like-minded individuals, Workclub is the perfect choice for your business.

Our picks for the best serviced offices in Canberra offer diverse benefits, catering to different business needs. If you want to rent serviced office Canberra, Workclub has your back. It's not just about finding an office; it's about finding the perfect environment to nurture your business's success.

1 min walkAkuna St after Cooyong St
1 min walkAkuna St after Cooyong St
12 mins walkCanberra Airport (CBR)

Planning a team Retreat in Canberra? Here's What You Can Enjoy!

If you're considering a team retreat in Canberra, you're in for a delightful weekend filled with attractions and activities that offer relaxation and inspiration. Here are some nearby attractions and activities to make your retreat unforgettable:

Best serviced office space canberra for rent

1. Visit the National Museum of Australia

Start your retreat by exploring Australia's rich history and culture at the National Museum. It's a fantastic place if you want to learn about the country's past and present through captivating exhibitions, indigenous art, and interactive displays.

2. Go-Boat Activity

Take a break from meetings and paperwork and embark on a unique adventure with a Go-Boat activity on Lake Burley Griffin. These sustainable, self-driving boats offer a tranquil and eco-friendly way to enjoy the picturesque scenery.

3. Hot-Air Balloon Experience

For a truly unforgettable experience, consider taking to the skies with a hot-air balloon ride over Canberra. Witness the city's stunning landscapes, including iconic landmarks like Parliament House, as you soar above the capital.

4. Questacon Science Fun

Fuel your team's curiosity and innovation at Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre. Questacon offers a fun and educational experience for all ages with hands-on exhibits and interactive displays.

5. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

For nature enthusiasts, a visit to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is a must. Explore the reserve's walking trails, encounter native wildlife, and marvel at the natural beauty of the Australian wilderness.
These nearby attractions and activities in Canberra perfectly balance team bonding and relaxation during your retreat. Whether you're interested in history, adventure, science, or nature, Canberra has something to offer everyone in your team. Enjoy your retreat and make lasting memories in Australia's capital city!

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