The Best Serviced Offices in Adelaide For 2024

Yarden Silva | 8 July, 2024 | Est. reading time: 5 minutes
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Check out the best serviced offices in Adelaide and explore what yields an optimal workplace culture for you when working with the best service office space providers

Whether you are a freelancer or a business owner looking for a serene, serviced office in Adelaide to set up your team, encountering roadblocks is common. It can often be hard to find a workplace perfectly aligned with your business needs. This search can be a hassle amongst the many other business tasks you need to accomplish in the day. 

Designed to offer privacy, comfort and bespoke experiences, these spaces provide you and your team with all the resources you need to work productively. It also aligns with your business needs. Sounds good? Of course it does!

The following selection keeps inspiration at the forefront, making it easier for you to pick the best serviced office space Adelaide for rent uniquely for your business and industry. 

Things Your Employees Need In A Workplace

Creating an awesome environment and finding the best serviced office in Adelaide to support it doesn’t have to be rocket science, but it takes some thought and effort. What do your employees need to thrive, succeed, and even do a happy dance during the coffee break? Let's dive into the wonderful world of workplace essentials!

  • Purposeful Work: Your employees want to feel like what they do matters. They're not here just to punch numbers and push paper; they want to contribute to something meaningful. Give them a sense of purpose, and they'll bring their A-game daily.
  • A Dash of Autonomy: Trust your team to make decisions and tackle challenges. Micromanaging is so last decade. Empower your employees to spread their wings and fly (figuratively, of course).
  • Great Coffee: Not all serviced offices in Adelaide offer coffee. Seriously, don't underestimate the power of a good cup of coffee! A caffeinated workforce is a happy and productive workforce. So, invest in that fancy espresso machine and watch productivity soar.
  • Clear Communication: Employees need to know what's going on. Keep them in the loop, share company news, and encourage open dialogue. When everyone's on the same page, magic happens.
  • Recognition and Appreciation: Everyone loves a pat on the back. Recognise your employees' hard work, celebrate their wins (big or small), and show genuine appreciation. It goes a long way towards boosting morale.
  • Work-Life Balance: Burnout is real, folks. Look for a healthy work-life balance when searching for serviced offices Adelaide. Give your team the flexibility to manage their time so they can be their best selves at work and home.
  • Learning Opportunities: Invest in your employees' growth. Whether it's workshops, courses, or mentoring, they want to invest in skills and climb the career ladder.

5 Best Serviced Offices in Adelaide

Want to rent serviced office Adelaide for your team, without encountering a dip in productivity? Here are some of the best-furnished office spaces laid out for you!

meeting_roomAvailable Offices 5 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 20 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$231 to A$15,200

Servcorp's 91 King William Street location is synonymous with excellence. Here, your business can benefit from a prestigious address that speaks volumes about your professionalism.

Beyond the impressive address, Servcorp provides fully equipped, “best-serviced offices  Adelaide” that offer a seamless working experience. The environment is also conducive to productivity, with modern furnishings and cutting-edge facilities.

Need A Coffee Break?
What sets this workspace apart from the other best serviced offices in Adelaide on this list is its proximity to Veloce Paninoteca, just a few streets away. This nearby cafe offers more than just a coffee break; it gets you that change of scenery that can spark new ideas.

With waffles, an all-day breakfast, and a toasted panini on the menu, alongside coffee and smoothies, Veloce Paninoteca provides a delightful culinary escape from your serviced office.

2 mins walkStop E3 Currie St - North side
6 mins walkAdelaide Railway Station
18 mins walkAdelaide Airport (ADL)
meeting_roomAvailable Offices 5 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 12 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$1,752 to A$7,148

The Consortium, located at 185 Grote Street, offers some of the best serviced offices in Adelaide for businesses of all sizes.

Their commitment to versatility sets them apart. While working from this location, you have the convenience of exploring Cafe 228, just a few streets away, for your office catering needs. This unusual space is also characterised by many "hot desks" and bright, colourful décor amidst vintage armchairs that get you that fresh take on coworking for a boost in productivity.

Need A Coffee Break?
Cafe 228 specialises in coffee and catering cafes for various group sizes, ensuring that they can accommodate your dietary preferences and provide a delightful culinary experience regardless of your team or event size.

The perfect integration of best serviced office Adelaide and catering options makes The Consortium an excellent choice for businesses that value adaptability and convenience.

Looking for more listings for the best serviced office space to rent in Adelaide? There’s so much more left for you to explore! Keep reading;

1 min walkStop X1 Grote St - South side
18 mins walkAdelaide
84 mins walkAdelaide Airport (ADL)
meeting_roomAvailable Offices 2 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 5 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$552 to A$2,499

Nestled at 15-17 Featherstone Place, Feather & Stone offers a serene and productive serviced office environment, high-end furnishings, safe storage, fast internet, wifi, and audio and video conferencing.

Feather & Stone boasts distinctive spaces at some of the best serviced offices in Adelaide to host your clients, with coffee machines and organic teas in the kitchen.

Need A Coffee Break?
The Pressed Tin Cafe is just a minute away if you need a coffee fix or a unique spot for client meetings. This charming cafe, located within the Early Settler store, is known for its fantastic high tea options.

The cafe's separate section for High Tea customers provides a space for meetings with difficult clients or simply enjoying a change of scenery. The Pressed Tin Cafe is the perfect spot for unwinding, rejuvenating your creativity, or hosting clients in a cozy yet distinctive setting.

3 mins walkStop F2 Grenfell St - North side
8 mins walkAdelaide Railway Station Tram Stop
20 mins walkAdelaide Airport (ADL)
meeting_roomAvailable Offices 7 Offices
chairCapacity 1 - 10 Desks
monetization_onPrice Range (Month)A$374 to A$2,499

Lot 30 serviced offices at 30 Currie Street, Adelaide, offer a remarkable workspace solution tailored to your business requirements. This location adds a touch of sophistication to your business.

The best serviced offices in Adelaide by Lot 30 are thoughtfully designed and equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a productive and comfortable work environment.

Need A Coffee Break!
Lot 30 stands out not just for its impeccable office spaces but also for its surroundings. Booknook and Bean, situated just 0.3 miles away, is a fantastic choice for a delightful coffee place nearby. With the option to dine in the garden or warm up next to the fire, this cafe offers a charming atmosphere for your team.

Moreover, they can accommodate groups of up to 16 people across various indoor and outdoor tables, making it an ideal spot for team gatherings or client meetings. At Lot 30 Serviced Offices, you can experience the perfect blend of professionalism and convenience, both within and outside the workspace.

2.2 mins walkStop V2 Currie St - South side
4.7 mins walkAdelaide Railway Station
19.2 mins walkAdelaide Airport (ADL)

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