Best Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces in Perth, Australia

Grant Philipp | 28 June, 2024 | Est. reading time: 5 minutes
Pet Friendly Office Space in Perth
A pet-friendly coworking space, Perth can allow fur moms and dads to enjoy their work with their furry companions. The presence of these tiny, little pets has proven to positively impact the morale and well-being of employees. No wonder employees nowadays are demanding more pet-friendly workplaces.

In Perth, you can choose from various pet-friendly office spaces. We reviewed and selected the best ones to help you avoid the daunting feeling of extensive online search. Dive into this blog to discover the fur-fect, pet-friendly coworking space, Perth!

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Pet-Friendly Office Space in Perth: An Inclusive Workspace Solution

A foreign study revealed 6 in 10 workers with pets leave their jobs to look for a workplace with pet-friendly policies. This finding emphasises the demand of pet owners for inclusivity within the workplace.

Numerous studies demonstrate that incorporating pets into the workplace significantly enhances the performance and well-being of employees. In the same study, 48% of the participants believed that having pets at work helped them be more productive, while 39% emphasised that it aided in mitigating burnout.

The demand for pet-friendly coworking office spaces is real – and something that providers should consider in their future plans. If you’re looking for workspaces in Perth with pet-friendly policies, you’ve come to the right place!

Below are some available listings in Perth that offer pet-friendly policies;

  • 1-Person Pet-Friendly Office Space: Your productivity will surely soar to another level with this pet-friendly coworking space, Perth. This workspace boasts high-end amenities that boost your creativity and productivity, making you a top performer.
  • 2-Person Pet-Friendly Office Space: This office space is perfect for duos looking for a more private space within a coworking environment. Coffee shops like Zesto Cafe and Piccadilly Lunch Bar are also just a short walk from the office.
  • 3-Person Pet-Friendly Office Space: Perfect for small teams, this dog-friendly office space in Australia offers access to well-ventilated collaborative spaces. These areas are perfect for informal meetings with your team or casual talks with other workspace members.
  • 4-Person Pet-Friendly Office Space: Enjoy high-end facilities with this pet-friendly coworking space, Perth. Its meeting rooms stand out as a perfect venue for private discussions with clients or team members.
  • 6-Person Pet-Friendly Office Space: This pet-friendly coworking space, Perth is perfect for those looking for a workspace with 24/7 access. The workspace is also equipped with robust security systems, such as surveillance cameras, ensuring you can work safely.
  • 15-Person Pet-Friendly Office Space: Managing calls and incoming emails is not a problem with this pet-friendly coworking space, Perth. Its business support services significantly help you reduce tasks, allowing you to focus more on the important ones.
  • 50-Person Pet-Friendly Office Space: This dog-friendly coworking space in Perth is perfect for large businesses. In addition to its prestigious location, this workspace is a wise option for those seeking a place with excellent accessibility to transportation terminals.
We’ve got more surprises in store for you! Browse our website to discover more high–end coworking spaces to rent in Perth! Keep reading to find out some of the best pet centres along the road.

5 Best Pet Centres to Visit in Perth

Treat your fur baby with some premium pet care services! Here are some of the most accessible centres from our pet-friendly coworking space, Perth;

1. Le Petit Dog Daycare

Let your little doggo enjoy a fun and exciting environment with Le Petit Dog Daycare. This pet centre is ideal for little dog breeds, weighing 12 kilograms and below.

At affordable rates, your little sunshine can enjoy a bunch of dog exercises that positively help in its physical development. The staff will also let your fur baby socialise with other little dogs to help nurture calm and positive behaviour.

2. Canines Unleashed

Treat your doggo with some grooming services at Canines Unleashed. The staff is friendly beyond anything else, making it easy for you to entrust your fur baby to them. They can even transform your pet into a cleaner and more charming baby.

Canines Unleashed also offers affordable daycare programs. These programs can help your pets learn new skills and meet their other needs. Here’s the treat: trial appointments are available to help the staff assess the needs and suitability of your pet for their program.

dog-Friendly Coworking Space

3. Furbaby Retreat

Looking for a luxury cat-boarding hotel? Look no further than Furbaby Retreat! Their custom-made suites are designed to make your cats feel comfortable and safe, just like they feel at your home.

The package includes a vet-approved menu, ensuring your fur baby meets its required nutritional needs. The greatest advantage here is that if you'll be out of town for an extended period and cannot bring your pet along, you can simply rely on Furbaby Retreat to care for your furry companion while you're away.

4. Happy Tails

Allow your fur baby to make new friends at Happy Tails. Socialisation helps your fur baby to develop a positive reaction when meeting new people or animals. In other words, this makes them a more well-behaved cutie.

What’s more? Happy Tails also hosts doggy birthday parties. Now, you can choose your fur baby’s upcoming birthday celebration. Don’t forget to invite the pack!

5. Cats in the City

Allow your little feline to indulge in a relaxing and fun day at Cats in the City. Their friendly staff is reliable, ensuring your fur baby will have an unforgettable experience at their centre.

Apart from fun-filled activities, Cats in the City also offers medical and preventive services. These include vaccinations, parasite control, microchipping, ultrasound, desexing, and many more!

Enjoyed our list of workspaces and the nearby pet centres around them? Kindly share with us your thoughts or questions. Visit our website to indulge in more exciting coworking space options in Perth!

Secure a Pet-Friendly Office Space in Perth Now!

Make your daily work more inspiring by bringing your little, furry companion into the workplace. If you need help securing a pet-friendly coworking space, Perth, Office Hub is here to guide you! Drop us a message today to get started with the process.

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