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As one of Australia's leading economies, it's no surprise that Brisbane is a highly sought-after business hub.

A virtual office is a great solution for young businesses, companies downsizing or remote workers after desirable Brisbane postal codes. It also provides people with a prestigious work address that indicates where their business is headed even if they're new to the market or have hit a rough patch.

Virtual offices in Brisbane vary depending on the provider but are highly flexible subscriptions that can be cancelled anytime.

The joys of a virtual office are that you aren't tied to an office but can work anywhere. However, access to meeting rooms and workspaces are available to you when you need them wherever you are in the world or if you decide that the time is right to move to a professional workplace. 

We've gathered our best virtual offices in Brisbane to help you boost your corporate images and enjoy some business services without having to step foot inside an office!

Studio 42 provides the best Flexi solutions to different businesses. Their boutique office centre in Brisbane East features a variety of workspaces, including private offices and virtual offices. Your new startup might be viewed as a credible business with the latter. 

With a Studio 42 virtual office membership, you can establish a professional business base without renting physical space.

This package affords your telephone answering and reception services, which gives out a good impression of your business, along with mail forwarding and access to on-demand conference rooms and offices for those important business meetings.

Happy running your business from home, but embarrassed by the thought of hosting meetings at your personal residence?

Regus Australia have you covered with their comprehensive virtual office plans. Being strategically positioned in Brisbane's financial district, this office branch is what new companies need to portray their businesses in a positive light and grow their brand from a highly sought-after work address.

Packages with Regus are tailored to your needs but generally include services like call answering and benefits such as access to upscale business lounges. Upgrading your membership plan to a Virtual Office Plus gives you daily use of the meeting rooms and five-day complimentary access to the office or desk space monthly. 

When you need a professional office in Brisbane, you'll have your work needs satisfied with comfortable and well-equipped workplaces designed to evoke productivity and innovation. 

Should you ever require a break, the building's parkland - an inside space filled with various plant life gets you in touch with nature and puts distance between you and your work stressors.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: A$39 per week
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Great location - 4 minute walk to bus, 9 minute walk to rail.

Setting your business up in Brisbane's Golden Triangle gives the world the impression you've made it. There's just one catch - you just can't afford to rent offices in this hot spot or take on the responsibility of office maintenance or ownership. 

One piece of good news is that a prominent PO can be yours without going into the red or taking on unwanted flex space. A virtual office courtesy of The Executive Centre - Australia provides you with a work location to add to your cards or website.

A virtual office here is a cost-effective workplace solution that includes key benefits like admin support, receptionist services, professional telephone answering and more. 

When you need space to host events or work away from home, this office centre delivers with its collection of contemporary offices with floor-to-ceiling city views as your source of inspiration.

Price Guide

  • Virtual offices from: A$16 per week
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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 8 minute walk to rail.

Remote working has its perks - full access to the fridge and working from pyjamas, anyone? But there are a few ways in which this working style falls short.

Wouldn't it be preferable to have your calls answered and mail handled so that you can put your focus on growing your company? Hate to host meetings in loud and bustling cafes?

Christie Workspaces provide the best office solutions to Brisbane's business elite, both those who work in an office and those who graft independently of one.

A virtual office presents vast advantages and opportunities to those in the latter group, like having a business address you can impress associates with or private meeting spaces to hold client catch-ups. You can enjoy all this without having to occupy space in an office you don't want or can't afford.

Along with a top-notch Brisbane address, Christie Spaces virtual officeholders are offered mail handling and can reserve rooms using the nifty Christie Spaces App.

Being conveniently close to public transport and served by multiple cafes and restaurants on your doorsteps provides a well-balanced and convenient work life when you need to swing by the office.

Price Guide

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    Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 4 minute walk to rail.

    Situated 9kms from Brisbane's CBD, Yeerongpilly is a great spot to base your business virtually. INCO Serviced Offices, known for their prime office locations worldwide, take up space in an area just outside Brisbane city that's close to the action.

    Get work done from home or anywhere that suits you, using services like mail handling and telephone answering that keep you organised and on top of time-consuming admin.

    If you need to pop by the office, small free-to-use meeting rooms and bigger boardrooms are available to rent. For your convenience and enjoyment, the train station is nearby to connect you to the city or take you home, and complimentary parking is reserved for motorists.

    Price Guide

    • Virtual offices from: A$12 per week
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    Great location - 5 minute walk to bus, 5 minute walk to rail.

    PGD Capital limits the number of tenants, allowing office inhabitants ample space, resources, privacy and access to facilities when they're most needed.

    The same level of thinking applies to virtual office members who receive quick, personalised and top-quality services.

    If you're seeking a central business destination, then you're in luck. PGD Capital is located in Brisbane CBD within proximity of an abundance of amenities and other companies.

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    Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 11 minute walk to rail.

    Care for a prime office location in Brisbane without a tangible office? Regus Australia offers a repertoire of workplaces for every person and business, which includes virtual offices.

    The pandemic has taught us that it's possible to get work done outside of a conventional office. If you're still at home working, why not improve your business presence with the support a virtual office provides?

    This package provides you with a CBD office location you can visit for meetups and the chance to migrate to a physical workplace should the need ever arise.

    Being conveniently close to public transport and served by multiple cafes and restaurants on your doorsteps provides a well-balanced and convenient work life when you need to swing by the office.

    Price Guide

    • Virtual offices from: A$17 per week
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    Great location - 3 minute walk to bus, 6 minute walk to rail.

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