Know someone who has spare office space to rent out? Refer them and be rewarded with $100!

How it works
Submit your friend’s details and earn a guaranteed cash reward when they sign up as a workspace partner with Office Hub. They might have a few spare desks in their office or a whole business centre to fill – whatever type of office space it is, you’ll earn a guaranteed $100 when they sign on the dotted line as an Office Hub partner.
Submit your buddy's details
Next steps
Next steps

We’ll get in touch with your referred buddy to talk them through the next steps of listing their spare office space with us. We’ll wow them with our service and stun them with our track record and if they go ahead and sign up as a workspace partner, you’ll receive a cash reward of $100.

Become a workspace partner
Refer as many friends as you want
Refer as many friends as you want

Have more friends with spare office space to rent? Use the Buddy Bonus Scheme to help them out and earn $100 every time someone signs up.

Buddy Bonus FAQs
Check out our FAQs about our Buddy Bonus Scheme and if you have more questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.
The beauty of the Buddy Bonus is that any spare office or desk space that your Buddy has will make you eligible for the scheme. If they have a couple of spare desks in their own office, a whole coworking hub, a serviced office or a sublet of a conventional office, you will receive $100 when they sign up as an Office Hub partner. Any office space, big or small, will add to our portfolio so we’re happy to help your Buddy make money from it and reward you for spreading the word about Office Hub.
The award-winning Office Hub team will contact your friend to tell them more about what we do and explain how we can help them fill their office space. We’ll go into more detail about how we generate leads, book tours and negotiate deals with incoming tenants and we’ll explain about our membership fee. It’s your Buddy’s choice if they sign up as an Office Hub partner but if they do, they’re more likely to fill their space and you’ll immediately be eligible to receive your $100. Win, win!
Your reward is $100 for every workspace owner you refer to Office Hub. The cash is offered in the form of a visa gift card. You can refer as many workspace owners as you like and each time a referred Buddy signs up as an Office Hub partner you will receive $100.
You will be eligible to receive a $100 reward when your referred Buddy signs a membership as a workspace partner and pays their one-off membership fee. Once they have signed up, we will advertise their space and help them find new tenants for their spare office space. We’re the leaders in this industry and deliver more leads, more tours and more tenants than anyone else, so by listing with Office Hub your friend is more likely to fill their workspace and you’ll receive a guaranteed $100.
When your Buddy signs on the dotted line as a workspace partner and pays their membership fee, you will receive your $100 reward within 60 working days.

Get help with your referral

Get in touch for help deciding the right scheme or to refer your friend over the phone