New York's Best Coworking Spaces for New and Growing Companies

Have you quit your job and taken the plunge to start your own thing? Working from home might seem like the best choice financially, but you could find your New York City apartment a little cramp and quashing your productivity.

Thankfully, New York’s coworking scene is flourishing, offering affordable alternatives to beds, couches and converted kitchen tables for all industry types seeking sedate places to get work done and a thriving working community to connect with, derive inspiration and gain expert knowledge and unique takes on teething issues. 

We've compiled the top New York coworking spaces from eco-friendly and creative work hubs to upscale offices and everything in between.


WeWork is a global flex space provider with offices located in major cities worldwide. There are a couple of branches speckled across New York, including this prominent work address.

You’ll find countless custom spaces designed for the remote worker and part-timer who occasionally need to escape the realities and distractions of home life and full-time dwellings for large companies.

WeWork goes above and beyond to provide tenants with a memorable stay, offering everything from refreshments and 24/7 access to unsurpassed hospitality services, state-of-the-art meeting facilities, and collaborative spaces for effortless networking with other brands.

WeWork offices offer a rare combination of style, convenience and efficiency. At this location, your productivity will soar, your business will grow, and your love, passion and dedication to your job will only deepen.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: ARS 53,895 per month
  • Private offices from: ARS 209,017 per month

As part of the Greendesk family, this is another energy-saving business location. A private office or shared space at this address lets you run your business without fixating on your carbon footprint. Features like dedicated bike rooms and recyclable bins make adopting greener practices effortless. 

With sunlight streaming through an array of large windows, a cheerful ambience runs through the workspace, motivating employees to work at maximum capacity.  Combined with the untouched bare brick walls and modest office decor, workers will thrive in a warm office environment.

The center’s strategic location means that workers aren’t far from the best attractions or transport links. The iconic Manhattan Bridge is nearby and can be viewed in full from the office. 

Spare time can be spent exploring Dumbo’s charming neighborhoods, perusing shops or eating delicious food at the best local restaurants.


Incentives: Multiple tech-based companies are nearby, Brooklyn Bridge views, high-speed WIFI and excellent support services


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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 3 minute walk to rail.

Ensemble is an office space suitable for ambitious entrepreneurs burning the midnight oil and established companies, offering a mix of open spaces, dedicated desks and furnished serviced office to house your team and operate a business without running into issues. 

Located in Midtown Manhattan means that this flex space is close to nearly every subway line and Times Square, the Rockefeller Center, and other incredible landmarks.

Whatever your business vision is, you’re closer to achieving them within the Ensemble community. Whether you need help from the support or guidance from other companies or professionals, you’ll get what you need.


Incentives: Wide range of office space options, highly convenient location, cool and upbeat office vibe.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: ARS 36,086 per month
  • Private offices from: ARS 215,578 per month
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 4 minute walk to rail.

NYC Office Suites provides a coveted work address inside a beautiful, grade A building. If you're a newly established company looking to attract and retain new clients, putting down roots here is a wise business decision. 

Having a flex space in this high profile area shows prospective clients they're in capable hands and potential staff that you own a business with high standing.  

The building's interior doesn't fail to impress. Its high-end professional design portrays it's more than a conventional workspace, but one with character and class. Splashes of greenery and tasteful artwork inject the work with personality without overwhelming the space. 

Subways are in proximity to the office space, providing easy journeys to commuters, while hotels and other attractions provide entertainment, welcoming distractions and accommodation to out-of-towners. With a full-service cafe and a restaurant with outdoor plaza, tenants don’t have to leave the building for coffee, a snack or business lunches with important clients.


Incentives: First-in-class office spaces, cutting-edge infrastructure, easy access to attraction and public transport.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: ARS 56,707 per month
  • Private offices from: ARS 68,892 per month
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Great location - 11 minute walk to rail.

True to form, this Brooklyn-based Industrial business center offers various carefully designed offices to satisfy the needs of both flexible workers and corporate clients. 

Officially termed a coworking space where creativity runs amok and fresh ideas are born, the center combines individual’s desire to be social and connect with the pressing urgency for deep concentration.  Fuel these needs with a change of scene in a diverse selection of private offices, suites and collaborative spaces. 

Beyond offering space that every American business wouldn’t hesitate to occupy, this business center prides itself on its hospitality excellence where every professional whim is adequately satisfied. As you focus on getting your business off the ground, behind-the-scenes staff will take care of the office logistics and management so that you don’t have to.


Incentives: A place of fun, socializing and serious business, hospitality excellence provided, carefully designed workplaces guaranteed.


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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 7 minute walk to rail.

Set in New Jersey, this office space offers an energy and inspiring work atmosphere for small to large businesses. If you’re looking for long-term headquarters that’s affordable and fits your work style, you'll be hard pressed to find anything better than this prestigious workspace.

You’ll be hit by the sheer sense of space, which may contrast with your current poky offer space, and countless seating arrangements in the communal areas.

Office memberships range from same-day passes and hot desking solutions, through to dedicated desks and customised serviced offices.

Freelancers can regain their creative spark in a spirited coworking space, while companies require total privacy and the option to scale up will be more than satisfied with the available private suites.


Incentives: Diverse memberships, spacious flex space, enviable work location.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: ARS 33,743 per month
  • Private offices from: ARS 67,954 per month
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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 1 minute walk to rail.

Serendipity Labs offer anything but forgettable workspaces. Instead, expect state-of-the-art modern offices where you’d be happy to start, build and grow your business. Its location in the heart of New York’s financial districts means that new businesses with big dreams are surrounded by world-renowned conglomerates.

Considering the wide selection of flex spaces available at Serendipity Labs, your company is unlikely to outgrow the business location because the option to scale up and utilize bigger space or downsize as your organization transforms is possible. 

Beyond diverse office setups, the aesthetics and style of the office are worth a quick mention. Its sleek, classy and sophisticated appearance appeals to young and dynamic professionals looking for a professional office with a bit of pizzazz near a string of exciting attractions. 

All the usual office conditions have been adequately matched in fully furnished and equipped offices with additional extras featuring to enhance office life and help workers strike a desirable work-life balance.

Incentives: State-of-the-art, plenty of office choices, central NYC location.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: ARS 32,337 per month
  • Private offices from: ARS 97,010 per month
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Great location - 2 minute walk to bus, 2 minute walk to rail.

Situated in Manhattan’s prestigious Midtown East area, Virgo Business Center boasts an enviable New York City address.  

You can find a suitable hub for your specific business from the 40 000 square meters of office space available. Space isn’t a problem, and options aren’t limited here, considering the office center, which spans an entire floor, contains 102 modern offices of different sizes and configurations. 

Not just limited to private office space, Virgo Business Center is described as a great space where teams can work, meet and connect without being distracted by outside distractions. 

To strategize, host and collaborate, meeting rooms equipped with flat screens, whiteboards and voice conferencing can be rented out by the hour.  


Incentives: Plenty of office space options, upscale area, pocket-friendly memberships.


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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 1 minute walk to rail.

Eco-conscious companies will fit right in at Greendesk. The eco-friendly office space located in Brooklyn strives to reduce their carbon footprint with green initiatives while accommodating the varying needs of their office space occupiers. 

The newly renovated business center, constructed from recycled aluminium and glass, offers multiple serviced offices which suit the needs of small but growing teams. These private dwellings are professional yet comfortable and available on highly flexible month-to-month terms at a fraction of the cost of a traditional workspace. 

Floor-to-ceiling windows that feature throughout the office provide employees with inspiring views of New York’s skyline and the East River, which may be pivotal to worker’s productivity and wellbeing.

The communal spaces scattered all over and a classic kitchen allow companies to interact, meet others, forge business relationships, and collaborate on exciting work projects.

Well behaved pets are allowed at the office to boost morale during times of great stress.


Incentives: Incredible views, various attractions closeby, excellent public transport, plus socialised pets are welcome.


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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 6 minute walk to rail.

Corporate Suites offers a strategic NYC location privy to views of Midtown-south Manhattan, access to excellent transport links, and a stone's throw from an incredible array of attractions and restaurants. 

Sitting on the 20th floor of a striking art deco building, Corporate Suites strikes an imposing impression on employees and visitors. From the world-class reception area and windowed, 40-person coworking space to the private office arrangements, serviced cafe, phone booths and more, Corporate Suites has various business homes and spectacular amenities to help solo professionals and companies do great work. 

If you're seeking out a working community to collaborate with and be inspired by, then you'll be happy with the Corporate Suite's diverse tenant repertoire. While roaming the hallways, grabbing coffee and relaxing in the recreational areas, you'll meet industry experts in tech, media, information technology and advertising. 

A cache of meeting rooms that can hold up to 70 people can be rented out for a small fee for any business function or event.


Top incentives: the views, state-of-the-art manned reception and diverse office space arrangements.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: ARS 29,525 per month
  • Private offices from: ARS 134,971 per month
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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 1 minute walk to rail.

There are so many features to love at Jay Suites Office Center in New York. 

For starters, the convenient location gives you access to New York’s best attractions and transport links for safe, quick and easy city travelling. 

The sheer number of office suites available for rent provides you with endless options to choose from. Opt for a single-person office suite if you’re an army of one or a large office if your staff count totals 50 people or less. 

We’re huge fans of the luxurious office design, which will appeal to companies with a love for tasteful and elegant spaces to work and impress high-value customers. 

We’re also impressed that the prebuilt suites are furnished and pre-installed with first-in-class amenities and technology, allowing you to get to work straight away without losing valuable time getting your office move-in ready.

Finally, we’re obsessed with the fully-stocked pantry where SodaStream carbonated water and Starbucks Coffee are offered to keep you hydrated and energized.

Top incentives: Luxurious suites, great location, stocked with Sodastream and Starbucks Coffee.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: ARS 67,954 per month
  • Private offices from: ARS 148,562 per month
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Great location - 1 minute walk to rail.

There are 32 WeWork offices in New York; this one lies smack in the heart of the spectacular city.  At this central address, people from all industries fill up space; working, being productive, chatting, and driving their careers and companies into the future. 

If you're a modern-day worker searching for an office that's equal parts professional, vibrant and inspiring, then you won't be let down with this WeWork branch. 

Step inside the office center and be entranced by several desirable features. These include a team of friendly receptionists, attention-grabbing office scenery with lots of color and sunlight, plenty of office space solutions, and attractive perks to keep your team's stress to a minimum.


Incentives: central location, professional yet fun working spaces, and a bright and colorful setup


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: ARS 53,895 per month
  • Private offices from: ARS 212,297 per month

Are you looking for an office space that says “you’ve made it” or lets the world know that your company drips with potential?

Situated inside a Class A trophy property featuring iconic architecture is where you’ll locate this modern Servcorp office center.   

The premium flex space offers it all - unrivalled city views, smart offices, executive-style meeting rooms, and a sophisticated fit-out decorated to impress.

The office location is also situated mere blocks away from Wall Street and within walking distance of parks, restaurants, popular shops and reliable transportation for calming distractions and effortless commuting.


Incentives: premium offices, minutes from walk street, inspiring, unobstructed views.


Price Guide

  • Dedicated desks from: ARS 83,888 per month
  • Private offices from: ARS 355,703 per month
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Great location - 1 minute walk to bus, 2 minute walk to rail.

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