Your one-stop-shop to share, compare and bid on your favourite workspaces

Forget drawing up spreadsheets and scrawling in notebooks – MyOfficeHub is the complete tool for managing your office space search.

From start to finish, everything to do with your search is logged in MyOfficeHub, making it easier than ever to compare spaces, break down pricing and see where you’ll get the best value for money. It’s the one click solution for renting your perfect workspace for less, and it can only be found right here at Office Hub.

Let us introduce MyOfficeHub

Meet your one-click solution for comparing, sharing and negotiating on your shortlisted workspace options.

By tenants, for tenants
By tenants, for tenants

Built to meet the needs of thousands of past customers, MyOfficeHub streamlines the process of comparing, budgeting and reaching a deal on your perfect office space.

With more transparency and more control in reaching a deal that works for your business, MyOfficeHub is changing the way tenants deal with workspaces all over the world.

How to use MyOfficeHub
1. Shortlist spacesView your shortlist, log your thoughts and upload tour photos so you can remember which space is which and why you loved it.
2. Compare quotesReceive personalised rates, discounts and inclusions with quick quotes straight from the workspace – comparing offers has never been easier.
3. Rank and shareGive ratings on value, presentation and experience and share with your team so you can drill down on your preferred space.
4. Reach a dealAccept, decline or go back with a counter-offer – you’re in control of what you pay and what you get with your perfect workspace.
MyOfficeHub FAQ
When you book a tour with Office Hub, you will receive a personalised MyOfficeHub URL by email. In one click, you can log straight in (no passwords, no fuss) and view all your shortlisted spaces. You can even share the link with your team so everyone knows what new office spaces you’re looking at.
After your tours, the workspace owners will start to populate your unique MyOfficeHub with their quick quotes. Simply click “Proposed Deal” on the chosen listing and you’ll have a full break down of all the costs, including rental rate, discounts, incentives, number of workstations, term length and more. What’s great about MyOfficeHub is that every offer from different workspace comes in the same format. Forget deciphering confusing documents as MyOfficeHub standardises the look and content of every proposal making comparison easy and fast.
It’s easy to schedule a tour in MyOfficeHub! On the main page, each listing will have your booked tour time at the top. If you haven’t toured, the Book Tour button replaces the tour time. If you have already toured, click into Proposed Deal and choose Reschedule Tour. From there, simply follow the steps to select your date and time and await confirmation by email.
You can make an offer first! If you were given pricing or proposals on a tour, go ahead and enter the offer into MyOfficeHub for the workspace owner to review. If you weren’t given any pricing on your tour but you want to get things moving and try to secure the space, contact Office Hub for expert advice – with our industry knowledge, we can help you make the most competitive starting offer.
If a workspace has dropped the ball and forgotten to add their offer in MyOfficeHub, simply enter the Proposed Deal page in MyOfficeHub for the relevant workspace and click the button to remind them to add their offer. They’ll be sent an email reminder and the Office Hub team will get on their backs to make sure you’ve got everything you need to make an informed decision.
No, deals cannot be confirmed in MyOfficeHub as they are simply offers – nothing is legally binding until license agreements are signed by both parties. However, MyOfficeHub helps get the ball rolling – as soon as an offer is accepted by either party, the deal is just inches away and Office Hub will spring into action and issue the license agreements so both parties can sign and you can secure your new workspace faster.
Each workspace owner will see how many stars you’ve given them for value for money, workspace presentation, tour experience and value for money. This is one of the ways we’re improving standards across the industry – with a better understanding of tenants’ needs, workspace owners around the world can improve their spaces, service and solutions. However, the workspace owners can’t see each other’s ratings or offers, and they can’t see your notes – these are confidential so feel free to say what you really think! Office Hub can see all of your feedback but don’t worry, this is simply so we can understand your preferences and help work the best deal on your favourite workspace – we won’t tell anyone what you’ve said.
Simply click into Proposed Deal and scroll down to the section called Tenant Details. There, you can add and remove people in your team – perfect if your colleagues or managers want to see what’s going on throughout the process. When you add them, they’ll be notified the same as you as the tenant progresses through their search. Otherwise you can forward the URL to your team members if you simply want to share the information without adding them to the notifications.
Yes – the workspace can provide quotes for multiple spaces both in the same location and at others. If they are offering a different suite or location, the deal will appear as a totally new workspace in MyOfficeHub. If you are negotiating and they have changed their offer on the same workspace, it will replace the previous offer on that listing in MyOfficeHub.
It’s easy to get spaces mixed up and that’s why we’ve added links to the live listing for each workspace in MyOfficeHub. Just click the Online Listing button to view all the details about the shortlisted workspace.
Of course – there is a message box in MyOfficeHub for precisely this reason! Add your thoughts, explain your offer or ask for help so we’re better placed to work the best deal for you. And remember, we’re always at the end of the phone or waiting eagerly for an email – any time you need help, simply reach out and we’ll support you every step of the way.
Take notes and upload photos, videos and files – MyOfficeHub is the central hub for logging everything to do with your search. Maybe you’ll take a photo of the office suite or record a video as you walk through the space to show your team. You can upload the workspace’s own full proposal if they give you one, add notes and rank each space as you go. Mobile friendly and interactive, MyOfficeHub is designed to be used on the move and during tours.

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