What is a shared office space?

Shared office space is an office environment where different companies and individuals can come together and carry out their work. It is a great way to build business contacts and promote shared learning. In shared spaces, there's typically combined access to amenities such as conference rooms, printing facilities, fast internet connection and coffee machines. 

In addition, shared office space in United States can provide businesses with flexibility, enabling them to pay for only the amount of space they need when they need it. This makes it a much more cost-efficient option for small businesses that are perhaps looking for somewhere to co-work with other startups or freelancers. 

Benefits of shared office space

All in all shared office spaces are becoming increasingly popular amongst those looking for an affordable yet creative workspace solution. Now, businesses can save money on rent and utilities while having access to the same amenities they would otherwise need to pay for separately. 

Shared office space in United States also allows business owners to make use of shared resources such as computer labs, kitchenettes, shared printer/copier machines, and shared break areas. This can decrease the initial investment costs needed to start a business since shared space provides most of the basic items that a start-up needs. 

Furthermore, shared offices also provide valuable networking opportunities since people from different types of businesses will be using the same space. Overall, shared workspaces in United States are a great way to help save money while gaining many other benefits businesses wouldn't otherwise have access to.

What to look for in a shared office

If shared office space is on your list of potential workspace solutions, there are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind. First and foremost, think about the shared environment - shared desks can drastically cut costs but if collaboration with other coworkers is important for your workflow, choose a shared space that has dedicated desk spaces for you and any team members that will be joining you. 

Secondly, location matters! Is it easily accessible by public transportation? Are there restaurants and shops nearby for lunch?  Lastly, decide if shared amenities like access to conference rooms or outfitted offices appeal to you. Whichever shared office space in United States you decide on, make sure its layout caters to the type of working environment that will help drive your business forward.

Find shared workplaces in United States

Office Hub is the leading shared office space provider in the United States majorly in New York and San Fransisco. It offers different types of offices that are equipped with high-speed internet, shared meeting rooms, and collaborative work environments. Allowing entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners to have access to a shared workspace can be extremely beneficial. Office Hub has made shared workplaces accessible throughout the United States, so no matter where you are in the US, you'll be able to take advantage of their co-working environment.

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