Get a great deal on your next office

Steps to getting a great deal on your next office
STEP 1Tell us what you need, where you're looking, and your budget - we’ll draw on our years of expertise to find and shortlist office spaces that suit your business perfectly.
STEP 2It's time to inspect each office! We’ll schedule tours for times that suit you, and we'll touch base frequently to get your feedback and help you narrow down the list.
STEP 3You've found your dream office space – now we'll help negotiate and get you the best deal.
STEP 4Move in to your amazing new office and get back to business! Too easy.

Which type of office space is cheapest?

Coworking Space

A desk in a coworking space is generally the cheapest option when you only need a handful of desks. You can collaborate and connect with other coworking members, with plug-and-play facilities that save you time and money.

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Serviced office space

Serviced office space offers seamless management and premium facilities – and is still extremely competitive in pricing! You'll enjoy the support of an onsite service team in a corporate-style environment, perfect for growing teams.

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Shared office space

There's plenty of bargains to be found by sharing office space. You can rent desks or space in someone else’s office, giving you the perfect blend of flexibility, community and affordability.

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Sublet office space

Sublets can offer some amazing deals. If the current tenant no longer needs their space, you can sublet from them and get the image and privacy of a conventional office, but without the costs or commitment.

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