Our Favourite Productivity Apps in 2022 to Achieve More

It’s challenging to escape everyday distractions as we get on with our work. From background bustle at home and chatty colleagues keen to chat in the office to all the temptations online, it’s challenging to tune everything out and concentrate on the most pressing tasks. Fortunately, many productivity apps exist to make us more efficient workers and people despite the 24/7 disturbances threatening our productivity. From time management tools to online calendars and procrastination-killer apps, these are our ten productivity aids for 2022. (You can thank us later).


Calendly is for people whose worklives revolve around meetings. It’s the virtual assistant you need that takes the hassle out of arranging and confirming meetups.

You’ll never double-book essential functions or forget to block out personal time for yourself again. Calendly manages your time and organises your workday so you don’t have to stress.

Set up is a breeze - Calendly will automatically create a customised calendar based on your availability preferences. Share the calendar link with your meeting invitees or embed it on your website. They can then select a time and date that fits your schedule and theirs.

Pricing: Free for Basic Plan Members with upgraded plans available.

Compatible with: iOS and Android

From time management tools to online calendars and procrastination-killer apps, these are our ten productivity aids for 2022.

Toggl Track

After eight-plus hours of hard work, have you hardly made a dent on your work checklist?

Toggl Track is a highly efficient time tracking software used by five million users worldwide. The tool helps people to work better and graft smarter without overworking.

Toggl Track shows you how much time you and your staff spend on different activities while highlighting your weaknesses and inefficiencies by storing insightful reports on all projects and users.

By concentrating on work that matters while cutting out the fluff that slows you down, you can improve your time management skills with Toggl Track.

Toggl Track keeps track of your billable hours to increase your efficiency further, stopping you from spending hours on month-end invoices.

Pricing: Basic Plan is free for up to five users. Upgraded plans start from $8 with a free 30-day trial of premium features.

Compatible with: iOS, Android and desktop

Rescue Time

It's virtually impossible to spend eight-plus hours only working, nor is it healthy.

But how much time do you spend on work activities versus wasting company time on non-work-related tasks? RescueTime provides you with the reality check you need to enhance your productivity. It offers accurate insights into the time you spend working and procrastinating.

Install Rescue Time on your desktop or mobile device. The app will quietly run in the background, automatically recording how much time you spend visiting websites, downloading files and opening different apps. Once captured, the data is categorized as distracting or productive based on your work.

Not only does RescueTime monitor your online activity, but it also alerts you to the best time for uninterrupted work based on your data history. It also lets you know when your focus wanes and if your multi-tasking is blocking your productivity.

Remember to classify websites, programmes and online tools you use as work-related or personal before using the app, or RescueTime might make inaccuracies that skew the app's findings.

Don't worry - you're not being watched 24/7 (this isn't Big Brother) - you can pause the app and turn it on or off at set times.

Pricing: free to use. $9 per month for an upgraded version.

Compatible with: Mac, Windows, and Linux. Also supports iOS and Android apps, as well as a Chrome Extension

It's virtually impossible to spend eight-plus hours only working, nor is it healthy.


Forest is built for people who struggle to put their phones down while they're working or trying to be productive. The app combats phone dependency and our short attention spans through a fun reward system and entertainment.

How it works is simple - if you're off your phone for a dedicated period, a tree will blossom. Your plant will wither and die if you pick up your mobile or quit the app before the time's up.

Players earn points as they level up, which they can use to plant different tree species. The objective is to form a lush virtual tree collection produced by your hard work and ability to stay present, focussed and mobile-free.

Forest has taken this unique experience into the real world by allowing players to redeem their winnings by planting actual trees.

Pricing: $1.99 with option for additional in-app purchases

Compatible with: iOS and Android


Aptly named, "Due" is the forgetful person's best friend. You can set due dates in advance and won't ever leave important work to the last minute using it. Due will organise your work life by notifying you what work needs to be done and when.

Remembering everything required of you can be overwhelming and daunting, but you don't have to keep track of all your tasks at once with this app. Not only does Due remember everything for you, but it will send you constant notifications until you've completed every activity on your list.

Considered an annoyingly persistent but invaluable app, Due will keep you on track and motivated to tick things off your checklist.

Customise your experience by setting notifications for specific times and dates. The convenience of Due is that you can dismiss or snooze these reminders without logging onto the app.

Pricing: $6.99 for the mobile app and $14.99 for the desktop app with a seven-day free trial.

Compatible with: iOS and Mac Desktop


Wish we had known more about this app during the height of lockdown, stuck at home with bored kids, barking dogs, noisy roommates and lawnmower-wielding neighbours! Krisp is an AI-powered app that removes background noise and distracting echoes in real-time.

That’s right - you can remove the sounds of barking dogs, noisy colleagues and other unwanted background noises, leaving only human voices during calls and communications with other professionals.

Krisp supports 800 different communications and is compatible with all headsets, microphones and speakers. You’ll find the app easy to use with floating widgets providing easy access to key features!

Pricing: Personal Plan is free, Personal Pro and Teams is $5 per month billed yearly. Contact sales for Enterprise packages.

Compatible With: Mac Desktop and Windows


Emails can bog us down and prevent us from doing real work. Sanebox is here to save you from drowning in a never-ending sea of mails by sifting through and organising your inbox.

Although nothing will get trashed, Sanebox will sweep aside low priority emails based on your email history while flagging essential must-reads.

Used by big brands such as Addidas, Shopify and LinkedIn, Sanebox is a top email management software that helps people clear their emails quickly before moving on to other tasks.

Pricing: starts at $7 paid monthly with longer and more comprehensive subscriptions available

Compatible with: any IMAP-based email service (Gmail, Yahoo, etc)


If you ever find yourself aimlessly scrolling on Facebook despite deadlines looming, try StayFocusd.

Although not an app, StayFocusd is a browser extension that helps you maintain concentration by blocking distracting websites.

StayFocusd won’t keep you off these sites forever - you can select times and days where you can’t afford distractions keeping you from your work. Alternatively, you can set limits to perusing online before you’re cut off again.

Although there are ways to get around this by using another browser, you’re really only cheating yourself!

Pricing: free and safe to download

Compatible with: Chrome extension with Windows Desktop and Mac Desktop

If you ever find yourself aimlessly scrolling on Facebook despite deadlines looming, try StayFocusd.

LifeAt Spaces

LifeAt Spaces uses the Pomodoro focus-enhancing technique to help users concentrate in bite-size chunks at a time.

The app has timers set for 20 minutes of concentration and five-minute intervals. Each session - marked as a Pomodoro - is repeated five times before the user earns a restorative 15-minute break.

LifeAT Spaces will suit those who need help getting started on new projects or complex tasks. Soon 20 minutes will turn into a couple of hours, and you've had a productive couple of hours before you know it.

The app features hundreds of pre-set themed visuals that you can use to personalise your workspace. These simulated environments will keep you inspired, motivated, or relaxed based on your mood. There's also a drop and drag productivity tool featuring Spotify music and a to-do list to keep you in the workflow and on top of your deadlines.

Pricing: Basic plan is free with the option to upgrade to a premium account

Compatible with; desktop


Do your best creative ideas come from mind mapping? This is a task better done online than scribbled on whiteboards or paper. Mindmeister is a digital mapping tool best for brainstorming, planning, visualising, and problem-solving.

Choose from their pre-set maps (you get three free basics maps or customise your own based on your preferences and style with different colours, shapes, styles, attachments or images.

Mindmeister features different modes and settings to help maximise your creativity. You can take notes, make lists, activate comments from group members, and showcase your best ideas. Plus, everything is automatically saved to the cloud to look back on later!

Pricing: Free for up to 3 basic maps. Personal plans start at $4.99/month; Pro plans start at $8.25/month

Compatible with: iOS and Android

Mindmeister features different modes and settings to help maximise your creativity.

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