Millennials' Impact On The Modern Workspace

The idea of the modern workspace is going through some major changes at the moment are pointing towards a better awareness of workspace design and styling, and how it affects the people working there.

CanvasPop’s survey on LinkedIn showed 77% of professionals feel happier with artwork on the office walls and 74% said they feel more inspired in their work. In offices where employees can choose their own artwork and decorations, people are 30% more productive and have less health complaints.

Millennials have major influence on interior design and layout – especially in the workplace where we see a remarkably increased interest for creative shared spaces.

The harsh generalizations about Millennials being selfish and reserved, doesn’t seem to apply to the workplace where Millennials prefer coworking spaces with open plan layouts that invite to socialising and collaboration.

It is almost as if “work casual” has established itself in the physical design of the space. Most of our shared workspaces have jumped on this trend and transformed the traditional layout of an office into creative open-plan spaces that allow for spontaneous meetings and catch-ups.

It may seem like technology has nothing to do with design but the Millennials are driving the modern workspaces to host some of the best technology you’ll ever see. It helps us do our job more efficiently but also adds fun to the workplace! A game console or a mic in the boardroom calls for a great game or karaoke night and has almost become more common than not.

Technology also impacts the structure of the office. Devices are shrinking and becoming more mobile which leads to our workplaces shrinking – in a positive way! The modern workspace doesn’t have big personal areas or massive desks anymore as desktops, landline phones and other devices of the past are slowly disappearing.

The ever changing technology also means the modern workspace is not as centralized — we’re having meetings anytime and anywhere, and we take our technology with us whenever and wherever we go. As technology allows us to work anywhere, it only makes sense the places we choose to work from are the most inspiring.

For the modern worker there is an increasingly long list of things that weigh up the decision of where to work and the Millennials are leading the way by demanding flexible, creative and tech-leading workspaces.

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