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What is a virtual office?

A virtual office gives you all the services of a managed office without the physical space. Ideal for companies who work out in the field, meet with clients or work from home, a virtual office gives you a business address, call-handling and reception services and somewhere to deliver your mail when you don’t need the physical office space, but they can include discounted desk hire or meeting room hire. Virtual offices are the most affordable office type because you’re not renting actual desk space.

The benefits of a virtual office

Virtual office premium address


The business address is a powerful image-boosting tool. It gives the impression that you have the resources to lease your own office in a prestigious location and hire your own support staff.

Virtual office reception services


The awesome support from a virtual office frees up your time so you can focus on your business. You’ll never miss a call or have to go to the post office to pick up your mail.

Virtual offices cost efficient


Virtual offices are the cheapest kind of office space so they are an excellent stepping stone into renting an office space for any small business or startup.

Virtual office ad-hoc space


Many virtual office providers will give you limited access to hot desks and meeting rooms as part of your membership which is great if you need to do admin work or hold meetings.

Virtual office network advantages


Most virtual office providers have a network of serviced offices in different locations. This is great for businesses operating across many markets or for professionals who travel a lot.

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Servcorp - A preferred Office Hub partner
Servcorp - A preferred Office Hub partner

We have partnered with Servcorp to make sure our customers get the best possible value when signing up to a virtual office. Servcorp‘s No.1 mission is to offer the best locations, facilities, technology and people to make your business successful. Taking genuine interest in the growth and success of your business, Servcorp focus on providing business solutions that will save you time and money, allowing you vital portability and flexibility to do business anywhere at any time.

Select from 23 premium addresses around Australia

With all our virtual office packages, you have the option to choose your very own business address. Whether you’re looking for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or another Australian capital, all our virtual office addresses are located in prestigious A Grade buildings within key business districts.

Find a Virtual Office location

Get a professional address and phone number in under 2 minutes!

Search for a Virtual Office location...

Use our search engine to find and view virtual office packages!

Why you should choose Servcorp
Why you should choose Servcorp

There are some question you should ask any provider before you commit to a virtual office to avoid surprises further down the track. Servcorp has answered them here for you!

Servcorp’s professional in-house team will make sure your business never misses a call and all your mail get where they need to be no matter which state, territory or continent you may be travelling through.
Yes! Make sure you select a package with hot desking and meeting room bookings included.
Only a handful of players are in more than one city, let alone are global. Servcorp’s virtual offices offers access to a network of 160+ locations in 54 cities.
Many suppliers lock you in for many months and quote prices for annual contracts, whereas Servcorp’s contracts are for as little as one month.
Servcorp provides all of its Virtual Offices for free for the first month, so confident are we that you will appreciate the benefit.

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The Complete Guide to Virtual Offices
The Complete Guide to Virtual Offices

Find out how to rent and use a virtual office system, including the best providers and prices for virtual offices near you.

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